Top 10 Music Apps for Android and iOS

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I love music and I hope most of you also like to listen music. Here I am listing top 10 apps for Android and iOS. Hope you guys enjoy.

Top 5 music apps for android

Shazam: This is the best music app for android phones. It allows users to listen to music and save it. One can simultaneously save lyrics. This will help users read the song while listening to it. One can also watch music videos on Youtube. And you can purchase tracks from Amazon.

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Uloops Studio Lite: This music app has integrated utilities. One can use it to send mp3 via Fx. It supports community driven apps, and that has a social aspect as well. You can also record your voice upto 4 bar lengths. It also has a polyphonic synthesizer.

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PowerAMP Music Player: This music player is loaded with features. One can play almost all usual music formats with this player. The bass and treble controls are separate. It also has crossfade, gapless tools and mono mixing. The feature of replay gain will be a part of this app. It also has the feature of dynamic queuing.

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Winamp: This no old name for anyone who has been using PC’s. Anyhow with the tablet revolution, it has been launched in form of an app. Its look and brand name makes it a genuine reason to buy it. The player displays bios of each and every artist associated with it. One can also download free mp3 by spinners.

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Double Twist Player: This is a one in all music player. It supports radio as well as general music applications. Despite being and android app, one can use it to access music from the android store. You can use it to associate an android device with a PC. All photographs and videos can be received automatically one connected to the PC by setting it in advance.

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Top 5 music apps for iOS

Audiogalaxy Mobile: This is a free app. It helps those who are short of space of their devices to store music. Using this app one can store his music collection on an online library. Thus one does not need to worry about memory space on his phone.

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Sir Sampleton: This is a paid app and will cost you $2.99. It is so easy that even a kid can play with it. Yet it is so sophisticated that anyone can create an absolutely new tone of music. Become your own music engineer using this app. Listen to music the way you always wanted it to be. This is a perfect re-mixer.

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ooTunes Radio: This app will cost you $4.99. This app is for people interested in listening to multilingual music. One can scan through a collection of almost 30,000 songs from almost all possible countries and almost every language available. Thus, we can call it an ultimate music for people interested in different kinds of music.

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Earworms: This app costs $0.99. This app is basically made to annoy people using bad songs. So next time you don’t like a song and want to share your feelings with someone else, just go ahead with this app. Make a list of 20 annoying songs and mail them.

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Sound Hound: This is quite an expensive app and will cost you about $4.99. It is an ultimate smart app. It can recognize your sound and the song you are humming. Then it will lead you to the link and demo of that song on the iTunes store. There you can buy the song.

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  1. says

    I would like to add one more music app to your list. It comes by the name of “Cube”, it has got a really nice interface and the best part is that it does the lyrics search for you.
    Give it a shot. You will surely love it. Yeah, it is for Android.
    Ajay recently posted…How to Root Sony Xperia Neo L MT25iMy Profile

  2. harjeet says

    What about an app named That’s a really cool app to listen music online.BTW thanks for the list .

  3. says

    Slightly OT, I know, but don’t know where else to go — other than Apple, and I’ve done that.
    As of yesterday, Feb 6, the hitherto most excellent Guardian app no longer works on iPhone 5. On opening, it crashes. Deleting and re-installing does not work.
    I, and many like me, no doubt, would be very grateful if you could pass this along to the powers that be so the issue(s) can be addressed accordingly.
    Many thanks.

  4. Saif says

    Well presented, brings us back to the essential key values!! Would love to create an infographic on this subject and combine it with some key research facts to back it up.

  5. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    many people nowadays are addicted to music including me. i was searching for a perfect music player that suits my taste.i am an android user and after reading this i found that…. power amp player suits me..thanks for sharing this review.

  6. says

    Hi Atish,

    I am impressed with Your Post. Really I like a lot listening Music. but I must say thanks alot Which you have shared with us. Really These Application are the best for the Android and IOS both. and sure i think These application will be helpful for android and ios. and Sure I will Try it. Well thanks Dear.

  7. Priya Sharma says

    Very nice post and thanks for sharing these app for music it’s too good and i like it because i love music …..


  8. James John says

    great post, nice collection. It sure gives me ideas on how to run my entertainment website. i will surely tell my oga at the top. Thanks a lot

  9. pooja kumari says

    Hello Atish
    All five android app are awesome and i like to use them because by through this you can feel relax and helps to enjoy your work.Great list atish i like it and thanks to share.

  10. says

    hey atish your raking….yes the five android app are awesome and i like music . Really i enjoyed red your post and nice collection

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