Things A PC User Must Know

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If you are a potential pc user then you must know lots of things because due to lack of awareness there so many guys who sometimes lost their important data or their information stolen by someone. So I think, A Pc user must know the tips and tricks to boost their PC knowledge with which they can stay safe.

Here are few important things a PC user must know to stay safe:-

Record Error Message: Whenever your PC crashes, it must show an error to tell why it is being crashed. Then Immediately note down the error message or if possible take screenshot of the error message because this will help you when you will be trying to search in Google for the solution. You can put actual problem in Google and search. Also you can give this error message to the tech support, so that they can diagnose your PC easily.

Undelete the deleted files: whenever you delete files from your hard drive then actually it doesn’t get deleted completely. In fact, you just remove its index information from there which tells the PC about the location of the file. Now PC uses this location as free space. So you can get back your deleted data with the help of undelete utilities such as Recuva.  But it will work as long as you haven’t over written that file with some other data or file.

Completely Wipe The Hard Drive Before Selling It: As we discussed in previous point that we can undelete the deleted files so be careful when you are going to sell your hard drive or gifting to anyone. Before giving to any other please wipe off the hard drive completely because someone can undelete your deleted data and can use it in wrong way.

Don’t Double click everything everywhere: double clicking, open links in web browser or clicking buttons are different things. Try not to double click everywhere because you might lost something important accidently. Try to use clicking on buttons. Due to the habbit of double clicking everywhere I too got few problems such as once I submitted one form twice because of double clicking.

Beware Of viruses attached in Microsoft office files: Being a PC user I think you all must be knowing about the visual basic programming language which is in-built in Microsoft office for application support. A programmer can automate complex taks by writing powerful macros similarly malicious coders can make any dangerous macro which can steal information from your PC or can interfere with your work.

Clear Your system Tray(tray menu): When we install apps then often park themselves in the system tray. Try to clear the tray because it put load on RAM and your PC will be work slower or system startup will be also slow down.

Source: http://www.pcworld.com

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42 Responses to "Things A PC User Must Know"

  1. subhash @ tips to improve alexa rank says:

    Yeah. true said, Above things should be a must know for all of us being a computer user.
    subhash @ tips to improve alexa rank recently posted…Force Windows to Shutdown QuicklyMy Profile

  2. I guess the most important of all is selling the hard drive because if any important files being leak… will… that’s how some s** scandal are being put up online…
    The Bad Blogger recently posted…Want to Establish Yourself As An Expert in Your Niche? Here’s 3 Things You Need to Do!My Profile

  3. James says:

    There’s a lot that people just don’t get about PCs. I like the advice about undeleting data…it could definitely be helpful, or hurtful, depending on your situation.

    The double clicking advice made me laugh…I’ve seen quite a few newbies double clicking in the weirdest places 😀 haha.

  4. Ikenna Odinaka says:

    I haven’t considered most of these tips like undelete. I once mistakenly deleted an unsave doc on MS word and had to start all over.
    Thanks for sharing dude.
    Ikenna Odinaka recently posted…Passion will not make your Blog a Business. Here is what will.My Profile

  5. MME says:

    Wow, very good & informative tips and tricks , this is a very useful ways to make safe & protect PC.
    MME recently posted…Electrical Engineers: Job DescriptionMy Profile

  6. Priyangshu@Make Money Online says:

    Very good tips to follow ! Thanks for sharing this awesome post Atish !
    Priyangshu@Make Money Online recently posted…How To Find Out Your Google+ Profile IDMy Profile

  7. Hi Atish,

    I use my laptop everyday for more than 12 hours… But I never knew some of the things you mentioned like the undeleted files.lol I have so much to learn about pc usage. Thanks for the tips and information. :)

  8. Thomas@Make money Online says:

    pretty nice stuff dude. these tips will help me for sure.
    Thomas@Make money Online recently posted…Check Out Most Shared Posts WordPress Plugin (FREE)My Profile

  9. Priyangshu@Make Money Online says:

    Hello atish , i want to write a guest post on your blog ! How can i submit it ?
    Priyangshu@Make Money Online recently posted…How To Find Out Your Google+ Profile IDMy Profile

    • Atish says:

      Sure Priyngshu, Just write a post and send me via contact form(as attachment in .doc, .txt format) or direct at atishranjan123@gmail.com. Guest post should be atleast 450 characters and must be 100% pure. You are using Blogspot as your blogging platform, right?? If yes then please send me posts related to blogger tips and tricks. You may also send me blogging tips and tricks, SEO techniques etc. No cell phone reviews allowed for guest posting as I write them only.

  10. Nice story on PC. You have mentioned very useful knowledge. All computers should know this atleast this topic.
    Avi Chhetri recently posted…Motorola DROID HD Review And Full Phone SpecificationsMy Profile

  11. Nice story on PC. You have mentioned very useful knowledge. All computer users should know this topic atleast.
    Avi Chhetri recently posted…Motorola DROID HD Review And Full Phone SpecificationsMy Profile

  12. Yes, These tips are really important for having safe user interface with the computer.Thank you for this post Atish.
    Rishiraj Sisodia recently posted…10+ SEO Tips That Every Blogger should UseMy Profile

  13. Rather than taking screen shot of error messages , In windows seven , we can can also use “problem step recorder” to easily find how/why the error is occurring in the PC .
    refer :
    Jasmeet Singh recently posted…
    A Complete Guide to Facebook SecurityMy Profile

  14. Vernon says:

    Good tips! It will remind those important things that the users must know. Some of this tips are already forgotten by the users. Thank you for this informative tips.
    Vernon recently posted…Dekaron ReviewMy Profile

  15. Great tips Atish …Thanks for the share !!
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…3 Ways to Increase your Internet Connection PerformanceMy Profile

  16. Imtiaz says:

    Nice collection of tips. Yes one must properly delete all the files and data on the system before selling it.
    Imtiaz recently posted…Robot Snake A Scientific RealityMy Profile

    • Atish Ranjan says:

      Yes Imtiaz. We should keep this thing in mind. even while selling cell phones, don’t forget to take back up of your data and delete them from phone. Delete all the histry and saved password in phone’s browser too.

  17. Alice says:

    Hey Atish, thanks for the tips. The most important “virus” that both new users and experienced users have to look out for is a key logger, it keeps a record of all your passwords and sends it to an hacker.
    Alice recently posted…Get Out of Debt FastMy Profile

    • Yes Alice, we need to be aware of keyloggers. we should always keep checking our system for these kinf\d of dangerous softwares. Also I request to all of you that whenever you open your accounts on other’s pc then before opening check the Pc if there is any keylogger which is monitoring your activity.
      Thanks alice for the nice info. You are most welcome to TechTricksWorld. Stay tuned.

  18. sibin says:

    Thanks for Info.I liked your tips
    sibin recently posted…How to Easily Increase Your Website Visitors without stressMy Profile

  19. Well said Atish, I agree with the first point. We learn from the errors and mistakes :)
    Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging recently posted…Blazing Minds Is Going To Be Three Years Old! Join The Birthday Bash Contest.My Profile

  20. Imran Soudagar says:

    Thanks Atish for such a nice and informative article.

  21. Alan @Web Agency California says:

    Great article…I think its very important people and the agency in the world today get used to these PC necessities.

  22. I found this very helpful, particularly “Beware Of viruses attached in Microsoft office files: ”
    Suraj @Smartfatblogger recently posted…6 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook PageMy Profile

    • Thanks Suraj. Happy to see you here on TTW after a long time. Its my pleasure that you liked it. Hey why don’t subscribe our mail subscription so that you will be notified about every new posts.

  23. Humera says:

    Thanks for some handy tips.

  24. Sagar@Windows says:

    Also having a good antivirus and anti-malware software is very essential nowadays for better security.
    Sagar@Windows recently posted…Android Pro Widgets – Best Widgets for AndroidMy Profile

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