Google PR Update and Techtricksworld.com Got PR 4

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Last Night when I was in my office then I had opened my blog to see something then what I see PR 4 for TechTricksWorld, I could see easily as I had installed PR checker extension in chrome. At first I was surprised because Google has already had PR update 2 times recently and my blog didn’t get any PR in those updates then how its showing PR 4?. I just started looking  few other site’s PR to confirm about this update and I noticed that Google has again updated the PR and Blessed  techtricksworld.com with PR 4. I am very happy to see this.

So Guys how was your experience in this PR update. Please share about your PR change. I am excited to know your experience.

I also checked My blog’s Pr in prchecker.info. here is the snapshot

Check you PR here prchecker.info

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121 Responses to "Google PR Update and Techtricksworld.com Got PR 4"

  1. Olawale Daniel@Tech Blog says:

    This is a great achievement dude :) You got the ride :)
    Olawale Daniel@Tech Blog recently posted…What Not to Do When Trying to Find the Right Broadband Internet DealsMy Profile

  2. Amol Mhetre says:

    Congratulation Atish !! mine blog PR2 another blog got page rank 3 !! So much Happy !!
    Amol Mhetre recently posted…Google PageRank Update On 4 August 2011My Profile

  3. Priya @ Goa Beaches says:

    Congrats Atish !! But I haven’t seen any changes in my site, it remains same as before PR 3.

  4. Congratzzz dude. Mine site ReviewsOnGadgets.com is also got promoted with 1 PR now it has 3 PR.
    Avi Chhetri recently posted…Blackberry Torch 9810 Review And Full Phone SpecificationsMy Profile

  5. Internet Khazana says:

    I think you are very late buddy. Google has update Page Rank information in July 2011. Any way Congratulations.

    • Atish says:

      Hello Dude I am not late because in July update i didn’t get any PR. Gooogle has done PR update on 4th august again. By the way thanks.

  6. Saksham says:

    Hey congrats bro! Enjoy the achievement :)
    Saksham recently posted…Directorypress Coupon For August 2011My Profile

  7. Techmug says:

    Congrats mate
    My blog got pr2 and most of the pages got pr 3 😉
    Techmug recently posted…How To Find Great Deals On FacebookMy Profile

  8. subhash chandra says:

    Congro Bro. you deserve it.

    I got PR1 for my blog. happy too.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Naser @ Blog Directory says:

    Congrats dude. I got PR1. Hope to improve it more.
    Naser @ Blog Directory recently posted…Google Minor PageRank update took place yesterday. Best Tips For Blogging got PR 1.My Profile

  10. aatif says:

    Great !! you got great pr this time . mine is 2 :( it was 3 then down to one but again it is 2 .
    aatif recently posted…How to use Bidtraffic [Video]My Profile

  11. Congrats for the great jump …. from 0 – 4 …. 😀
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…Smart Phones in 2012: A Journey from Mini-Computer to Mini-WorldMy Profile

  12. Congrats atish on getting PR4.
    Bilal Ahmad recently posted…5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Tech SavvyMy Profile

  13. shashank chinchli says:

    COngratulations buddy for PR 4! wish Google keeps giving you pleasent surprises in future.
    shashank chinchli recently posted…Get DNA Free Headlines SMS updates on your cell phone!My Profile

  14. Priyangshu@Make Money Online says:

    Yup ! Directly jumped from 0-4 . Its because of your efforts dude !!!

    • Atish says:

      Thanks Priyanshu for commenting. and yes I have worked very hard on my blog along with my job and other works. MY friend Zainil has worked very hard with me too.

  15. karan says:

    congratz:D seriously from 0 to 4!! too good..
    karan recently posted…Control VLC Player With Your PhoneMy Profile

  16. Ahsan says:

    Congrates Atish. Keep on good work
    Ahsan recently posted…Schedule Update Twitter StatusMy Profile

  17. Amit Singh says:

    Congrates Atish, Keep it up..

    Our PR is not updating in last 1 months.

    Your blog is really interesting. May be i visit frequently.
    Amit Singh recently posted…Apple now the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung checks in at number twoMy Profile

    • Atish says:

      Thanks Amit. you are welcome to our blog. Please stay tuned and if possible. subscribe our mailing list so that you will get notified whenb there is any update on the blog.

  18. Tho Huynh says:

    Great works pros :)
    I hope to get PR4 as yours soon.
    Tho Huynh recently posted…How My Brand New Niche Website Gets PR3 After 3 WeeksMy Profile

  19. Ikenna Odinaka says:

    Congrats dude. This is good to hear- from zero to four.

  20. congrats man!
    Suraj @Smartfatblogger recently posted…How To: Set Up a Blog Quick Guide?My Profile

  21. Priyanka says:

    Congrats on the rising PR rank!! :)

  22. Richard says:

    Congrats on PR upgrade! Google threw me off too with the surprise PR update. I got a PR 2 on most of my pages. I’d love to hit PR4 someday!
    Richard recently posted…Network Marketing: The Good, The Bad, and the UglyMy Profile

  23. Dave Tilaa says:

    There has been 3 PR updates but what I find strange is that your site didn’t get any updates on the first ones? Maybe your site has slipped from those updates and now with the third one it was included in the update. Anyway conrats on the PR update on your blog!
    Dave Tilaa recently posted…Suosituin sarjakuva lehtiMy Profile

  24. Fabrizio says:

    Many congratulations on achieving this, keep up the great work Atish.
    Fabrizio recently posted…8 Ways To Use Google Plus To Promote Your Products & ServicesMy Profile

  25. Harsha GS says:

    Congrats dude, I expected at least 2 for my this time but got only one! , Anyway , Happy Blogging!
    Harsha GS recently posted…How to Hack a website – Funny TrickMy Profile

  26. congrats buddy for your Google page rank update to 4.
    Shailesh Tripathi recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  27. rishi says:

    Great i also got PR 3 fro 0 in this update.
    rishi recently posted…Safari (1999)My Profile

  28. Raj @ Social Media News says:

    hey congrats man.. PR4 is quite tough to achieve.. would love to read how u managed to achieve it… some kind of success story.. :)
    Raj @ Social Media News recently posted…Top 5 Free & Open Source SVN Tools For WindowsMy Profile

    • Atish says:

      Thanks Raj. You can read my post “how to get High PR”. Consistency, pure content, less guest post on your blog and a bit of SEO will get you high Page Rank.

  29. subhash @ tips to improve alexa ranking says:

    HI Atish, That’s indeed a great news. Hope to see you on 5 in next update.

    I am also trying my best to get recognized by google, let’s see how it goes
    subhash @ tips to improve alexa ranking recently posted…Add any program to Right Click MenuMy Profile

  30. Hi Atish,

    Wow that was a great jump of PR, congratulations. I was also surprised with the number of PR updates that Google had in just a month or so. PR updates give me goose bumps to be honest – dreading for some decrease in my sites’ PR.

  31. Priyangshu@Make Money Online says:

    Hey dude , you have achieved pr 4 with just around 22 backlinks . How did it happened ? Can you please share the list of sites on which you have commented ?

    • Atish says:

      Backlinks are important but its not true that if you have thousands of backlink then only you get High PR rather you need few but quality links. Moreover, I have kept the consistency and keep posting the pure and quality content. Also Done the Solid On-page optimisation.

  32. sim says:

    congrats budy..im really shocked that google gave you PR4 so early…

    • Atish Ranjan says:

      But I didn’t shocked because the site’s content is 100% pure and has good number of visits and pageviews. thanks any way dude.

  33. sim says:

    well it’s completely my pleasure buddy. And sure the content is good. congrats again. keep it up..

  34. Vivek says:

    Mine got 2 PR..:-):-)

    • Atish Ranjan says:

      Congrats buddy. just keep up the good work and keep posting quality content regularly. yopu will get more PR soon.

  35. sim says:

    ya sure i’ll keep visiting buddy…

  36. sim says:

    buddy i have subscribed with rss feed and also added you on Google plus. Add me to your circle..

  37. sim says:

    thanks.. can you provide me your facebook username so that i can add you there also..

    • Atish Ranjan says:

      My facebook is facebook.com/atish.ranjan
      and my fan page is facebook.com/techtrickssworld
      twitter is twitter.com/techtricksworld
      hey i coouldn’t fin you in G+ also didn’t get notification that u have added me so how can I find u there.

  38. sim says:

    well i have already added you there. you can find me here https://plus.google.com/u/0/101578520977213663120/posts.

  39. sim says:

    my pleasure dude. do keep posting some interesting articles.

  40. hen night says:

    There is no definite date at all since the caffeine launched.Well even if they update the pr,that does not make any difference in serps.Having a site that pr4 but there are some guys above me that has less pr than me:)

  41. Moona Lisa @ No1results.com says:

    my pleasure dude. do keep posting some interesting articles.
    Moona Lisa @ No1results.com recently posted…RAS / RTS Main Exam Results 2011My Profile

  42. Congratulation Atish mine blog PR2 another blog got page rank 4 So much Happy

  43. This is nice work man, even my blog has Page rank 1.
    Gujju Freak recently posted…A Review for Blogger’s New ‘User Interface’ ThemeMy Profile

  44. Sagar says:

    I got a PR 1 for blog within 2 months, anyways congo bro 😉
    Sagar recently posted…Multiple Network Chat Within Browser – Instant Chat Messenger App For Google ChromeMy Profile

  45. Congrats Atish.could you please share your story how did you reach there.How much time did it take to reach here?

    • First of all thanks for your comment here Pankaj. I have taken this site techtricksworld.com in the may 2011. however it was running as techtricksworld.blogspot.com for 1 year. Then did 301 permanent redirect after purchasing domain. I didn’t to any thing special. just keep posting unique content and keep consistency. this is the Mantra

  46. wow great pagerank 4 very good….for any blog 😀
    ajeet@ Make Money Online recently posted…How to Change Username in WordPress ?My Profile

  47. flax seed says:

    I have got Pr 3 and waiting for next update

  48. Laura says:

    Hey dude


    i also got a PR 3 also for many internal pages.

    if you want to check pr you can also try Page Rank Checker
    Laura recently posted…How To Get High Rank: Pay attention to the detailsMy Profile

  49. Ankit says:

    Focus on content is important.. I am still dreaming about the day when google will remove PR Bar :)
    Ankit recently posted…Apple Iphone 4S Launch : Iphone 4 Vs Iphone 4S Price & Features ComparisonMy Profile

  50. Hillary says:

    As long as you focus on good content and seo practice you should be able to get rank in no time. Congrats on the up in PR.
    Hillary recently posted…So sad but kinda funny at the same timeMy Profile

  51. Dinesh Kudache@Free Marketing Tips says:

    well done Bro… my website remains same as previous one… Hope in next update it will raise :)

  52. Many Congratulation for getting this great gift by Google. Your happiness is obvious.
    web design la recently posted…Web Design-Barriers To CommunicationMy Profile

  53. Dev@career and jobs says:

    Hey Atish, any idea when is the next pr update ?
    Dev@career and jobs recently posted…How to Improve Your Blogs PagerankMy Profile

  54. Well done Atish,
    My blog got 2nd PR on recent update.

  55. Congrats. Our blog was also promoted to PR 2 after three months. It’s such as great feeling.
    Olan@sonytabletvsipad recently posted…PS Vita vs. PSPMy Profile

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