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TeamViewer, one of the best software to access a computer remotely for sharing the screen and transferring the files, has last week launched the 7th version of it. This version is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android users.

The TeamViewer v7 has come up with few very exciting features, in both, Remote Control & Meeting n Presentation. Few of them being,

Remote Control

Drag & Drop: When you want to copy a file from the client computer, then just drag it from the client machine and drop it on your machine.

Integrated Screenshot Feature: There is an inbuilt option through which you can take the screenshot at any point of time during your entire session.

AVI Converter: The underlying AVI converter in TeamViewer 7 helps to convert the recorded sessions into .avi format.

Other new features being, Adjustable TeamViewer Panel, Performance Improvement, Save Connection Settings per Computer, Expanded Multi-Monitor Support.

Meetings & Presentations

Instant Meeting: Even before adding any participant, you can start your meeting just with 1 click. This could help in pre testing of the meeting.

Plan Meetings: All your planned meetings are being systematically accounted and all the appointments are automatically transferred into Outlook calendar.

Up to 25 Participants: Now personal 1:1 meetings and meetings on a larger scale both have been made possible in v7.

Mobile Participation: With the development of TeamViewer apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, anyone can participate in the meeting at anytime. Thus now you will be able to attend the meeting wherever you are.

File Box: Files will be allowed to download by using the File Box via Drag n Drop feature of it.

Other new features being, Record Presentations, Adjustable TeamViewer Panel, Presenter-Organizer-Participant, Communication Tools

I hope you all will enjoy TeamViewer 7!

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23 Responses to "TeamViewer 7"

  1. Aanchal @ Web Design India says:

    Great features, I like the option to convert your entire session into .avi format so that you can use it later.
    Aanchal @ Web Design India recently posted…Web Design company IndiaMy Profile

  2. Jass @ Mix Twist says:

    I am using TeamViewer from last two years it is amazing software and provides good user interface. Now last month I tried Microsoft Remote desktop assistant that is also incredible as I can use another system without showing the display screen to user of another system. But still team viewer is good option for remote desktop.
    Jass @ Mix Twist recently posted…Micromax A70 Touch screen Android Smart PhoneMy Profile

  3. vishvast says:

    team viewer is a nice software i always use this software when i have to check the problems of remote computer. it has great integrated features one of the best softwares from my collection.nice share thnx .
    vishvast recently posted…Microsoft prepares major update for Xbox 360 consoleMy Profile

  4. Mohd Aktar says:

    Hi, teamviewer 7 has exciting features which will be very helpful for easy access for the people who are using it. I would definitely like to use it. Thanks for great info
    Mohd Aktar recently posted…iTwin – Identical USB Device For Transferring Files Safely and EasilyMy Profile

  5. Herbert says:

    Im using it now to connect with my local team. Its better than the old versions. Love it so much
    Herbert recently posted…Things You Need to Know About Involver AMPMy Profile

  6. junaid @ Technology Blog says:

    It is great and i am using team viewer old version and i will surely change it. Thnx for the information and the update.
    junaid @ Technology Blog recently posted…No need to register online,use BugMeNot.My Profile

  7. Great to know about that Zainil. I will use the new version now. I think it will give more options. thanks for sharing here.

  8. Wow , seems to be a great remote desktop software ! Gonna download it instantly !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ MoneyEarningSecrets.Com recently posted…100 Best Ways To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  9. Thanks for the quick info Zainil …

    Teamviewer is my favorite remote desktop software … IMO it is a must have for every webmaster 😉
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…Xbox 360 – The Best Gaming ConsoleMy Profile

  10. Team Viewer really helps me to learn new things from other people. I learned this when somebody who is a good friend of mind introduced this remote desktop software and it really great. This is best for tutorial where one is from other places. I enjoyed a lot of benefits on this. Thanks Teamviewer
    farmvillefcu recently posted…Farmville is giving out Free Snowy Winter Fountain Today!My Profile

  11. thanks for this, ive never used teamviewer but people has recommend it me it thanks

  12. Haz says:

    The new version of Teamviewer is def nice. I tested it the other day when conducting a meeting with 15+ participants. I really like that they finally expanded on the meeting version of the software. For remote support I still use ScreenConnect as that is what my manager likes and it works for what we do.

  13. Mich says:

    I’m using free version for my personal needs, never let me down! I’m also using Techinline’s pro. version at work which is very cost-effective for professional use.

  14. Amit Kumar says:

    Teamviewer is my favorite remote desktop software …

  15. Ellie says:

    I have been an owner and very enthusiastic user of Team Viewer for several weeks. I found your recap of the features of Team Viewer to be both accurate and thorough. Keep up the good work:)


  16. But Its working fine here.

  17. KATHLEEN says:

    I really like that they finally expanded on the meeting version of the software.Thanks a lot for sharing this inspiring post to us..I really like it..
    KATHLEEN recently posted…Truth about quicknessMy Profile

  18. We use this in the office regularly… It saves so much communication when troubleshooting. Very effective.

  19. There is also a teamviewer app for mobile devices, great to use when you are not near a computer.
    Tushar Agarwal recently posted…Install Teamviewer App On Phone To Remote Access A ComputerMy Profile

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