How To Tag A Friend On Facebook From Your Mobile Phone

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Facebook is the no 1 social networking site which is almost used by all the internet users . To be frank , many of the people who don’t even have a PC are also using Facebook through their mobile phones . Well , a common problem which is often faced by the mobile Facebook users is tagging friends in any comment or status . Usually , on PC , you can just use @ , and type the first 1 to 3 letters of your friends , and after that , all of your friends who name relates with those letters comes up in a drop down menu . You just have to select the person from the drop down menu , and your tagging is done . Well , this feature is also available for the smartphone users but those who are using Java phones , tagging friends on Facebook becomes very hard . So , I have come up with this post to tutor you on how you can easily tag friends on any status or comment from your mobile phone itself . Now , let’s get started :-

1.  First of all , you have to find out the profile ID of the person whom you want to tag . To do so , you can simply go to this profile ( from PC ) and at the address bar , you will notice an URL like this – . In this case , the profile ID is 5678456789 . Similarly , you can also find out your friend’s profile ID .

2. You are now ready to tag him on any status or comment . To get started , just type @[Profile ID:Name] where you want the tag to be appeared . For example :-

@[5678456789:Priyangshu Borgohain] Hi , what’s Up !

Well , you are done now ! I hope that you will like this simple trick for sure . I will soon come up with more tricks , till then you may visit my blog for more tricks .

Priyangshu Borgohain  is an internet marketer and a part time blogger from India . He is just a kid of 15 years old along with high thinking capability in the field of technology & blogging . He usually writes about Internet Marketing , Make Money Online , Android , Apple , Computer Tricks , Internet Tricks , Social Media & Other Tech Related Stuffs on his blog – KnowTechBetter! You can also find him on Facebook  & Twitter

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  1. says

    Interesting discovery Priyangshu, But I think it’s time consuming as you need to find the user ID of person by going to their profile and after that you can tag him/her. If you want to tag more than 1 person than it’s really a big headache.

    • PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks says

      Well , to be frank , it will take some remarkable time to find out the profile ID of any of your friends but when you will be using FB on mobile & we already know the profile ID of the person whom you want to tag , then trick will be turned out as quite helpful . By the way , thanks for dropping your opinion out on here !
      PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks recently posted…How To Buy Aakash Tablet ( UbiSlate7 ) OnlineMy Profile

    • jen says

      hi! thanks for that info! Although it was a bit tasky looking for their profile IDs, still it was really helpful, especially the ‘graph’ thing if the profile or user id isn’t available and the person is already using his customized url or his username. Thanks a lot! :))

  2. Loraine Holcomb says

    I think you got it now ! I’m new to mobile FB, thanks for sharing this tips. But , I have a suggestion for you , you may open up a registration facility for the guest authors so that they can easily submit their post as per their wish . Yup !!
    Loraine Holcomb recently posted…Acne TipsMy Profile

  3. Melissa says

    Hey I have an android wen I try to tag a friend by highlighting their name a drop down list doesnt show nd im doing everything right with the @ infront of the name…wat could I do,??

  4. Erin Leach says

    Interesting discovery Priyangshu, But I think it’s time consuming as you need to find the user ID of person by going to their profile and after that you can tag him/her. Will expect more killer posts from you.
    Erin Leach recently posted…Swiffer MopsMy Profile

  5. Rohit MaheshwaRi says

    its an old trick … ! nd if nyboDy neeDs id nmbr… thn jsT click on proFiLe picture u wil get….. nd ny1 noes how to menTion onLy fiRsT naMe frm cellphn….???

  6. Juice says

    but I still have to check for their profile ID from facebook using PC right? some of them have already edited their profile ID but some of them didn’t and still having those 3453565634 numbers?

  7. says

    Thanx for the info.

    You made this simple but its time consuming, but once i will start using it i would know all the details.

    And it would be fun:)

  8. says

    Hello @prIyAnGsHu thank you for trick
    n please tell me how to tag 100+ in fb photos from java mobile
    n please tell me how to hack fb id bcz i forgot my password so i want to hack my own id and i have nokia c2-00 so tell me websites to hack id and bro tell me how to tag more peoples in fb
    thank you for your tricks

  9. Aar says

    You mentioned that you can type @ to tag friends from the smartphone as well, but mine doesnt work from an Iphone or Ipad. It only works on my PC. What am I doing wrong?
    I am not tech savvy Please tell me what I should do step by step…Thanks 🙂

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