Stealth Search Engine: Absolute Private Browsing

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There is one thing that is hardly possible over the internet and that is “Privacy”. There is not privacy at all while you are online. If you are logged into Google then It tracks every of your activities whatever you are searching, your IP and almost every possible things. Same with other websites and search engines.

When you use Google or yahoo and other search engines then They track your IP, store cookies and keeps on saving your search terms. So there is no privacy there what we all want.

But now you can minimize your foot prints over internet with the help of a search engine Stealth. Yes you can maintain your privacy while using this search engine. This stealthy search engine allows you to surf the web anonymously

The homepage of this search engine is very simple and there are no ads for now But according to the owner, the ads can be seen on it but they will not be related to your surfing habits. It means that the ads which can be shown in the future will not be targeted ads. This is because this search engine doesn’t store your any searching terms, cookies, ip address etc.

Stealth also doesn’t share any searching information with the websites you open from this search engine because usually the websites and your browser communicate via the cookies stored But here in the case of stealth no more storing of cookies so no communication and your private data will remain your private data. So go and try out the stealthy Stealth search engine.

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16 Responses to "Stealth Search Engine: Absolute Private Browsing"

  1. That is very interesting article ….
    specifically for couples as a threat that their profiles can’t be hacked…:)
    Radhikesh Sahu recently posted…Some Interesting Architecture EngineeringMy Profile

  2. PrIyAnGsHu @ Tech Blog says:

    Wow, that’s a nice search engine ! It’s time to protect our privacy 😀 !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ Tech Blog recently posted…Top 5 Ways To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  3. What about using “private browsing” in Firefox or “Incognito mode” in Chrome? wont that do the same?
    I always use incognito mode in Chrome to check my serps. It can be found in the menu of your browser or by pressing ctrl + shift + n in chrome.

    For ads I don’t have a problem with Google looking at what I do. I rather have targeted ads that I might actually be interested in than ads for ****** enlargement etc. :)
    Danny@electric pole saw recently posted…Earthwise PS40008 8-inch Electric Pole Chain SawMy Profile

    • Thats a browser level security I hope. But This is a search engine that gives your private browsing. If you are using incognito and logged into the google in the same then Google will track everything . But tis searc engine will not track any thing.

  4. I love Stealth, it’s pretty fast on the search. I’m impressed :) With Google’s new privacy policy taking effect on March 1, 2012, Google will be able to put together a more holistic view of each user, as it can track one user’s data across all of its platforms together which sounds a bit creepy if you ask me. Maybe it’s about time that we try out other search engines such as Stealth. Nice post and thanks for sharing Atish.
    Peter Lee @ Migrate to WordPress recently posted…How You Can Use Twitter For MarketingMy Profile

  5. Akhilesh says:

    Scroogle was a search engine that offered similar services but recently Google disabled it. I was looking for an alternative and Stealth looks promising.
    Akhilesh recently posted…How to Move a Blogger Blog to Your Own Domain: Tips and TricksMy Profile

  6. Puneet@reputation Management Strategies says:

    This is so nice. I love m privacy. Thanks for knowing about this stealthy search engine.

  7. Everybody is concerned about their online privacy and this search engine comes out at right time. I think “Stealth” become more popular in coming days because of its privacy feature.

  8. Thanks Fir the information about this great private browsing search engines. Great share Atish!

  9. Stealth browser sounds like it will be very promising, I think everyone would enjoy a little sense of privacy on the internet. Now, if just Google would adopt this idea…

  10. vishvast says:

    i was not aware of this search engine ……but after reading ur post it is really gud ..to protect our online privacy which i love most thnx atish for this nice post
    vishvast recently posted…How To Install Windows XP Via Pen Drive [Complete Guide]My Profile

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