Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Specifications

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Samsung as a brand is a rage in the market and its well known series of Galaxy phones; it has kind of conquered the android market. But, now it seems to be moving forward to being the king by launching Samsung Galaxy S4. The S4 is definitely a huge improvement over the S3, but the basic frontal look is the same.

Full Specification Of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Design Of Samsung Galaxy S4

This device is available in 2 colors– white frost and black mist. The chassis is tough polycarbonate just like S3 had. It has a full HD screen having a 5 inch width. It is quite light weight at 130g. Anyhow the basic feel is same as it previous version, so don’t think of it as something that you can show off.

Display Of Samsung Galaxy S4

The display is full HD. Anyhow that is not the USP of its display. Many smart phones that are far cheaper give the same. But it rates far better in sharpness and brightness adjustments. The display will simply make you say wow.

Interface Of Samsung Galaxy S4

The interface is a serious advantage for this phone. It is so sensitive that it can recognize your touch even when your finger is 2cm away from the screen and a pointer will follow your finger movements. A real smart device I must say. The widgets are even smarter and it’s far more user friendly than S3. The operating system is Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. This OS make things even simpler. The notifications can be toggled from the top right corner. The processor is 1.6 Ghz Exynos which justifies its speed. The touch is simply flawless. Anyhow, the best unique feature of this product is the “SmartStay” which tracks your eye movements. You can start a video, play it, stop it and much more simply by staring at the right place. Other features include smart voice and smart alert. Smart voice is for speech recognition and smart alert understands your touch even before you touch the screen. These three features make S4 the ultimate smart device. Waiting to see what other competitors will bring out.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Event

Media Of Samsung Galaxy S4

The 5 inch wide super HD screen is sure to make your media experience a memorable one. Inclusion of Allshare cast makes this device even worthwhile. If you are the kind of person who likes to watch movies on the go, this is the thing for you. Another media feature that the S4 includes is mirroring. You can reorient the screen before sending the media file. This is great for those who believe in customization. Memory storage is up to 64 GB via microSD, so no dearth of space. This makes the phone a must buy for anyone who complains about shortage of memory.

Camera Of Samsung Galaxy S4

The camera is a 13MP one. This is a huge improvement. Anyhow one thing that was noticed is that its camera and photo/video editing software was a close copy of the one provide by Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC one. Hope they don’t file a 1 billion dollar suit! 😀

Battery Of Samsung Galaxy S4

Although the width of S4 is lesser as compared to S4, still the battery life is an improvement. The battery is Li-ion 2600 mAh as compared to S3’s 2,100mAh. Furthermore the power management system is even better. So use it to your fullest.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Although the S4 is an excellent phone but HTC One falls out to be a serious competitor. Do compare Samsung Galaxy S4 with HTC One before buying the phone. But I am sure that you will surely enjoy both these smart phones! 🙂

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  1. soniya sharma says

    Hi Zainil Dedhia,

    Nice Review Dear, Really its new Informative massage For all people Who mostly llikely use the Samsung Phones. I also Using Samsung phones. But this Samsung galaxy S4 is the latest Uopdattion with New Technology. and I Always prefer to Samsung Phones. because now i believe it samsung. thanks Alot dear to tell me about this latest review.

  2. Priya Sharma says

    This is the new updates about Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy is going to number one in the market because Samsung brand is getting new technology phones day by day with look and features. and now i truest only on Samsung brands…


  3. says

    Hi Zainil!
    This is a really good smartphone for business and daily life. A powerful processor, high volume e of memory. Saturated colors and a large display. What will happen in Galaxy SV? 🙂
    Thans for sharring this rewiew about Samsung Galaxy S4!

  4. Priya Sharma says

    Samsung Galaxy S4 this is a really good smartphone for business and daily life. A powerful processor, high volume e of memory and I am Always prefer to Samsung Phones..

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Riki says

    Waaw the camera is a 13MP, this is really a real smartphone. I think the design of the Samsung Galaxy 4 has little in common with Galaxy S2. I can’t wait to wait for the launch of the Galaxy S4 in my country.
    Thanks so much Zainil for your sharing.

  6. Alan Foster says

    It looks like soon there will only be Samsung in everybody’s hands. The giant corporation has already won the hearts of almost every Smartphone user and the launch of S4 will only strengthen its position more in the market.

  7. pooja kumari says

    Hello Zainil

    S4 is a advance version of S3 with awesome improvement and i like it as well as S3,specially it’s 13MP camera i can’t wait for it other wise thanks to share a nice information.

  8. says

    Galaxy S4 has really grabbed everyone’s attention with their very new and unique features. What I love most in Galaxy S4 is the eye tracking feature. Galaxy S4 understand when you are not looking at it and it pauses the video and resumes it when you look back at it. Among the accessories, gaming pad for galaxy s4 is really something new and I am looking forward to have one.
    Sanjib Saha recently posted…Everything You Must Know About the Samsung Galaxy S4My Profile

  9. says

    Hi Zainil, Totally agree with you Samsung on of the best brand today.First of all the mobile looking amazing and nice features really good product

  10. says

    Hi zainil, Yes its really smart phone with cool features and every one have Samsung android phones.Samsung on of the best brand today.S4 is a advance version of S3 with awesome improvement.

  11. says

    nicely written post. samsung devices are good.
    But there are many other devices in the market better than these.

    otherwise keep up your awesome work.

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