New Naming Policy Of Google+

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The critics from the group of Human Rights, which once addressed that, at times it becomes difficult or rather unsafe to reveal the real identity. Considering this fact, the search engine giant GOOGLE, has amended a naming policy on its social network –> Google+.

Few hours back, Bradley Horowitz, The Vice President of Google+, posted an article naming “Toward a more inclusive naming policy for Google+

In his post he said that,

When we analyze the set of all name appeals on Google+, we find that they generally fall into three major categories:
– The majority (60%) of these users want to simply add nicknames.
– About 20% of appeals are actually businesses (who are inadvertently trying to set up their business as a Profile, rather than using Google+ Pages which were intended for this purpose.)
– And the remaining 20% would either prefer to use a pseudonym or another unconventional name.

Also at times, names in another script have been found on Google+. झैनील डेढिया (Zainil Dedhia written in an Indian Language). Further people use Zainil “The Rock Star”.

Bradley wants to make Google+ like sharing in the real world. Thus, today in the naming policy, he announced that, the users of Google+ will be able to add alternate names on their Google+ profile.

But it should be noted that, once you change your name on the Google+ profile, the changed name will reflect on all the services of Google! Hence now with the new naming policy of Google+, you will be able to use the common name of yours on all the services of Google.

To change your name on Google+, all you need to do is, go to your Google+ profile. On the top right hand side, click on Edit Profile (Blue Button). As you click on that button, the page display will change. Now click on your name. Once you click on your name, a frame will open which will have a link “+ More option”, click on it. Now add your new details & change your display name.

Google+ Profile -> Edit Profile -> Select Your Name -> More Options.

Also Bradley said that,

Today we’re pleased to be launching features that will address and remedy the majority of these issues. To be clear – our work here isn’t done, but I’m really pleased to be shipping a milestone on our journey.

And finally he concluded saying that,

Today is a small step towards improving the ways in which you can communicate your identity on Google+. We will be listening to feedback from the community and will continue to refine all aspects of how we handle names and identity over the coming weeks, months and beyond.

Conclusion: With the new naming policy of Google+, you can use pseudonyms in your profile name.

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12 Responses to "New Naming Policy Of Google+"

  1. This name change discussion has been on since a very long time. Earlier Google+ didnt even allow nick names but later succumbed to popular demand.

    Guess there are going to be even more changes to Google accounts before it gets stable.

  2. Chris Lucernoni @Military Package @Packages for Troops says:

    I like the change in naming policy. I think it is needed. Obviously it has some way to go to be perfect though. It’s nice to see Google trying to address the feedback from it’s users.

  3. Chris @ Owner Financed Homes Austin Texas says:

    Google+ is really changing the way things work around the internet. The way they are integrating Google+ and making it work along with all of their other services is great. I just hope it doesn’t start to affect organic results much.
    Chris @ Owner Financed Homes Austin Texas recently posted…How To Search For Austin Homes & Real EstateMy Profile

  4. Shalyn @ Assignment Writing Service says:

    It’s certainly a nice step, and it shows Google+ is looking to give more preference to users demands to tackle giant Facebook.

  5. Arjun Rai says:

    Actually these days name the different things is like a trend and according to our generation or we can say the new way of accent we short the name and it makes it cool.

  6. vishvast says:

    atish i really find this gud that google has change its New Naming Policy Of Google+ thnx for this nice post and share really enjoyed this read gud one :)
    vishvast recently posted…Top Best Valentine’s Day PoemMy Profile

  7. Feye@Pediatric Dentist says:

    It’s going to be a good idea but I think Google should provide a limit on how many times people are allow to change their names (or screen names) twice or thrice would be enough. It’s a good policy though, adds privacy to the users and somehow implies freedom to pick their own identity online.

  8. I’m glad that Google developers don’t stop on their achievements and are trying to listen to their users’ thoughts and interest and to offer something new. That’s really great!

  9. Imran Soudagar says:

    The best thing about Google is that they listen to their users. And that’s why they rock!
    Imran Soudagar recently posted…Introduction to CPUMy Profile

  10. Prakash@techblowup says:

    Google is trying to give its best services. Change in naming is really good but it takes few time to be best. Thanks Atish for this nice post.
    Prakash@techblowup recently posted…How To Fix The iMessage BugMy Profile

  11. Thanks guys for commenting here. thank you so much.

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