The Google Panda Is back With Its Latest Update Panda 2.5

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Google Panda is back with its latest update Panda 2.5. This panda update has come after a very long gap between the panda updates since April 2011. The update has been done on 28 September.

Google has denied to share anything about what type of site, content targeted by panda 2.5 however their statement is as:

We’re continuing to iterate on our Panda algorithm as part of our commitment to returning high-quality sites to Google users. This most recent update is one of the roughly 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year.”

The Famous IT discussion forum DaniWEb had been hit by panda in May Then the owner of Daniweb started doing things which was helped recovering from Panda effect. In July they claimed that their site had recovered 110% from Panda. But unfortunately they were hit again by Latest Panda update on this 28 the spetember 2011.

One of My friend’s site which was getting 4k visits per day was also effected by this update. His site’s traffic reduced to 1k daily.

Thank God TechTricksWorld has again passed the Google panda algorithm and there is not any panda effect on it. Infact I want to thank to Google for this update because after this update techtricksworld.com is getting more visits from Search engines.

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Sources Of the information: webpronews.com and searchengineland.com

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75 Responses to "The Google Panda Is back With Its Latest Update Panda 2.5"

  1. Ajay says:

    Panda is the worst nightmare of a blogger…Great to know that you haven’t been affected with this algorithm..congrats Atish…

    • Atish Ranjan says:

      Yes It is the worst nightmare for bloggers but We just need to be careful. Thanks dude. How about your site. I must say your site would have passed this update too.

  2. No, not again, my blog gets good amount of SE traffic and I don;t want to loose it because of this update. :(
    Naser @ Tech Blog recently posted…Samsung Guru E1081: Price in India, Mobile Tracker, Fake Call, Essential Phone.My Profile

  3. holy****! again a nightmare for blogger.
    Atish, any generic way to check if my blog is affected negative due to Panda 2.5 roll out? or is it the traffic which says all about it?

    and congratulations man. you are positively affected!
    Ritesh @ Technology Blog recently posted…How To Add Your Blogs To TechnoratiMy Profile

  4. Google Panda is nightmare for all sites…. and to avoid it’s effect you need to use quality content and avoid copied content.
    Aaron @ Goa Carnival recently posted…Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  5. natasha @ ultimate flora critical care says:

    thanks for posting the latest Panda update. Everytime one is released I get uneasy….as you never know what changes it might bring. But, I guess stick with the basics which is unique GOOD content, and you should be ok.

  6. Sandip says:

    This title got my heart racing! Why wont the panda just keel over now!?

    Surprised I havent heard more in depth coverage about this. Will be interesting to see the effects (if any) that this has…
    Sandip recently posted…CashNetUSAMy Profile

  7. Last few days because of Google panda update my website ranking went back & I did lots of submissions but unable to rank the website on the similar status as it was earlier, any solutions pls provide me with the same.

  8. Mike@Accommodation in Edinburgh says:

    I have only recently delved into website design and can already see what google is trying to do with it’s panda updates. In my opinion it is a blessing. It means that sites like this that provide useful information will be easier to find that some of the drivel that it out there.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Praveen Rajarao says:

    Atish – we recently discussed about this and am glad to learn about this update and it’s effect on the bloggers. Need to keep a tab on my traffic to see any adverse affects. Thanks.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…Real Time Google AnalyticsMy Profile

  10. Tips & Tricks Blog says:

    Huh huh , I have not got affected with this latest Google Panda update ! To be frank , I have to say that my search engine traffic has increased a lot !
    Tips & Tricks Blog recently posted…HostGator Maximum Discount Coupons – October 2011My Profile

  11. Durgesh Chaudhary @ Get Multiple Choice Questions for free says:

    I think I am hit a bit but not sure of till now. Because the thing is once a visitor comes to my Browse MCQ portal and if he is a student then he has to be on my site for a while because of its design and simplicity with which it asks question.

    • Is there any downs in search engine visits. I was noticed yesterday on your mcq portal that there are very less visitors but the amount of pageviews are great and I think thats the great thing as your visitors engage with your site stuffs.

      • Durgesh Chaudhary @ Get Multiple Choice Questions for free says:

        This the reason for my confusion. My site visit and page visit dropped for 3 days and then it rose again in last two days.

        So in my opinion it would be a hurry to say anything about any site right now. Wait for a week or two and only then we can be confirmed if are booned or gooned. :)

        • i will suggest you to try searching your site with those keywords with which your site was on a specific Google search page. Notice is it stable there or not.

          Also dropping in visits for 1 or 2 day doesn’t mean that it is pandalized.

  12. Chesapeake Virginia Homes for Sale says:

    Thank you for the new information with the latest updates of the so-called Google panda. Actually, I never had a chance of using this one and I am afraid too tried to because of the bad feedback that I heard and read. I am thinking twice if I will use it or not. Sooner or later maybe if things get better. Anyway, thank you for sharing the information.

  13. I suddenly got nervous about the new Panda Update. I wish it won’t hit my blogs. The first released did not hurt my blogs. But let us see if this 2nd release will do.

  14. glad it didnt hurt you atish :) google panda can be tricky
    fazal mayar recently posted…WordPress Plugin: WP Google FontsMy Profile

  15. My blog survived the PANDA update … Neither increase nor decrease in traffic !!
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…Sakshat Tablet to be Launched on 5th OctoberMy Profile

  16. Deepak Arora says:

    I freaking hate this google panda garbage! ALL of my sites went down again, especially indianfoodguy.com…and i just spent months re-doing the site after the initial panda update! The funny thing is, my southindianrecipes.net site actually INCREASED traffic, and I haven’t touched that in months!
    Deepak Arora recently posted…Pyaar Kya HaiMy Profile

  17. abhilash says:

    my traffic is not decrease, but i do not check the affect of panda update .
    abhilash recently posted…Free CSS Drop-Down Menu for websiteMy Profile

  18. Free Classifieds Ads India says:

    Thank you for the new information with the latest updates of the google panda. This is very used to the most of the people are not know the google panda but more of the benefits of the google panda.

  19. Sahil Kotak @ SportsNub says:

    I am surely hit by this update. I am now getting lower traffic then earlier. :(
    Sahil Kotak @ SportsNub recently posted…Thailand vs Jordan International Friendly Match Highlights – 6th OctoberMy Profile

  20. In what I have seen on all my sites and many I visit is good news. Mainly just seeing lots of internal pages page ranks. Granted that isn’t really that big a deal. On the search engine traffic to my sites from Google I have just seen a steady increase. I don’t really do anything fancy and the closest thing I do to SEO is having decent urls and commenting on blogs. Basically I just try to create good content and let things play out. It seems to work, though it takes a long time sometimes. I had a blog that took like 3 years to get a blog rank and then started at PR 4. It still doesn’t get many visitors though – I don’t spend much time on it. On my other blogs and sites generally I don’t see anything (though I did get some bizarre spikes in traffic (like 5 times my traffic for a day on a couple of my sites) in the last month, but then it all settles down to the long term trend. I really think just creating content people like is the key.

  21. Ryan says:

    Im still suffering from the last google update!!! this is not good news for me, im really going to have to get to work now and get my ranking back to here it should be!

  22. This time 2 of blogs hit by panda update but hope i will recover in short period.
    Sam @FB covers recently posted…Logout Funny Facebook coverMy Profile

  23. Gizmokick says:

    I am afraid of Google Panda now.

    What do you think guys?
    Gizmokick recently posted…Top 10: Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold [UPDATED]My Profile

  24. Stefan @ Mosaic Holidays says:

    Hi Atish,

    thank you sharing this information. I am glad that your site has not been affected by the Google’s Algorithm but resulted in increased traffic. We have seen some of the big websites in UK are hit by the Panda update.

  25. Charlotte@What eBook Reader says:

    I am still working my way up the rankings but what worries me is that a lot of really good sites seem to have been hit and then hit again by the different Google updates. Whilst I think this shows that quality should be the way to go with posts and on site articles Google is pushing website owners to diversify away from natural search traffic into building long term loyalty from visitors. I suppose Google are so big that they will never fear a loss in search trafic.
    Charlotte@What eBook Reader recently posted…KindleMy Profile

  26. Zeshan says:

    Hello All
    I faced too much probs by this panda update
    My major keywords fall down which shows the traffic on my site also too low
    I think the backlinks have done all this.
    Finally this updated hurt-ed me much..

  27. veecreate says:

    Thanks for sharing the latest panda update 2.5.. in the previous panda update, i didn’t loose my traffic.
    veecreate recently posted…engineering servicesMy Profile

  28. Our SERP affected. Now I gotta start tweaking and check every backlink. :(
    Ricardus @WordPress Hosting recently posted…Tweet and Win Elegant Theme membership giveaway by WPWebHostMy Profile

  29. Gen@GNL says:

    yes, it’s a worst night mare…..

  30. Whenever I read the word “panda” I always get afraid, it has become nightmare for almost every blogger and developer.
    Saket Jajodia @ SJbn.Co recently posted…How To Tack Your Visitors In Real-Time With MapMyUserMy Profile

  31. Anuj@SEO says:

    Yeah , this update will certainly help some bloggers and webmasters . We’ve have already seen that sometimes Google shows off results which has been indexed a long time back . It will provide great benefits to the blogs which always provide fresh content !

  32. Yes this is the truth. Thanks to Google, till now i m not affected. but can’t say the future.

  33. Hillary says:

    I am happy about this update it caused my pr to go up to 2!
    Hillary recently posted…The Things Children Say!My Profile

  34. As per my believe Panda is worth because those sites which really work hard for getting into SERP have higher chances if they all go with organic techniques and follow Google terms and regulation. Prior to panda many spam sites got up in SERP but actually they were not reliable and now whatever we see in top 10 is to certain extent reliable.

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