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With technology moving so fast it seems like only a matter of days between gadget releases. 2011 has been a great year for some brilliant gadgets that are both fun to use but can also help in everyday life. From the latest iPhone accessories to a 7mm thick LCD television screen there are some top quality gadgets that will really inspire you. If you’re on a budget then you can use the Internet to find a great range of discounts, and outlets such as Coupon Crazy have a variety of deals so that you can get the latest products at a reduced price. And if you’re looking for the best gadgets to hit the market, there are some great products that could become daily must-haves.

iPhone Sun Charger

Whilst Apple may have dominated the smartphone market, iPhone battery lengths continue to be a disappointment for users, with apps and software draining energy quickly. However, this year Mi Suny has been released; a charger, which harnesses the suns, rays to charge your phone. Mi Suny can collect enough energy to re-charge an iPhone twice so you can go off-grid with renewable energy.

Touch Watch Phone

Another important step in the mobile market is the new Touch Watch Phone was has been unveiled by LG Electronics. This phone can be worn as a watch and has a microphone and full colour touch screen. Simply tell the phone who you want to ring and the gadget will dial the number. With the phone also able to read texts aloud, it could be a ground-breaking product of the future.

Mobile and Foldable AMOLED Screens

Carrying digital devices around, especially items such as tablet machines has become a part of everyday life. Now it has been revealed that technology is allowing foldable AMOLED screens, meaning that newer mobile phones and tablets coming to market can be packed up and folded to be even small than before.

JVC’s 7mm Thick Television

JVC has revealed a new LCD television, which is just 7mm thick. The large 32-inch entertainment system uses an LED backlight, weights just 5kg and is the thinnest television screen on the market.

Camera Sunglasses

If you’ve ever watched spy movies and wanted to indulge yourself then the time is here with the Polaroid GL20 Camera Sunglasses. The sunglasses have an inbuilt camera so whether you’re relaxing on the beach or shopping on sunny streets, you’ll be able to take pictures wherever you go. And with the device not only uploading pictures for storage but also displaying images on the glasses if you want to share snaps, these camera sunglasses will be the envy of all.

With 2011 almost at a close, there is certainly a huge range of ground-breaking products which have been revealed this year for consumer use. Whether you want the latest phone or an innovative and entirely new product, there is technology out there to suit all needs. And with a range of online discounts and deals offering great savings, you might not even have to pay full price for these latest gadgets.

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39 Responses to "Latest Gadgets In The Market"

  1. PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks says:

    Its a nice list of innovative gadgets dude ! Thanks for sharing this awesome post dude !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket – Features , Specifications & PriceMy Profile

  2. Cool! My favorite are the sun charger for iPhone and the camera sunglasses (both related to the sun, :) but it’s not intentional!). We use a lot of electronic devices nowadays and we need a lot of energy to get them work properly and long: why don’t we use the biggest (and free!) energy source we have? And therefore with a sun-charger we would be more likely to go outdoor or at least to look for the sunlight, which is pretty healthy too. As for the camera sunglasses, well, I like them ’cause I’m very lazy… :)

  3. This is a wonderful article. BTW did you check google updates its page rank.

  4. Aanchal @ Designs Creations says:

    With increasing number of such innovative gadgets, sometimes I feel that we’re not living on living earth but living in sky. 😉

  5. sibin says:

    People expect /dream more.So Companies introduce more Gadgets.Motorola ACTV is good
    sibin recently posted…How to start Google plus Fan page analogy to Facebook Fan pageMy Profile

  6. junaid @ Technology Blog says:

    Really good post and informative.I am impressed with the sunglasses, but is is real or virtual in movies and if it is real is it available in India?
    junaid @ Technology Blog recently posted…comparison between Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 and Apple Ipad 2My Profile

  7. Touch Watch Phone seems very intersting, What I like about this phone is you don’t have to keep your phone on pocket instead it’ll be on your wrist and would be very easy to use anytime.
    Aaron @ Goa Holiday recently posted…Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  8. Jim Calaman says:

    Some cool inventions. Does the foldable screen look Ok when it is unfolded. Seems like the picture wouldn’t be too good. The sunglasses will be big sellers. Can you get them for prescription sunglasses. It seems like they would have to be heavy duty the way sunglasses get thrown around. They would get a lot of action on the beach.
    Jim Calaman recently posted…Buying the Perfect Pear Shaped Engagement RingMy Profile

  9. vishvast says:

    nice article dude i really want this article i daily vivit your blog and see many updates it is nice one i really like to visit u r visit .your blod is inspiration for me .gud work keep it up
    vishvast recently posted…How To Do VIDEO CONVERSION WITH VLC?My Profile

  10. Great list of gadgets … Thanks for the share !! Pretty amazing to read about camera sunglasses and touch watch phone
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…Griffin Stylus Pen ReviewMy Profile

  11. If the weather wasn’t so terrible in the UK all the time, I’d be tempted to get the iPhone solar charger. Shame…

  12. Nice list, I think I’ll even buy one or two of these :)
    Marty @ Techie Saves recently posted…Top 10 Smartphones Available Before the Holiday SeasonMy Profile

  13. Thats nice info and I never knew about sunglass camera.
    Mahendra @Best CPM adnetwork recently posted…Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Mango Phone Price Features SpecificationMy Profile

  14. Chris @ Austin Owner Financed Homes says:

    The iphone suncharger is definitely something everyone with an iphone could use. The camera sunglasses and touch phone watch are a little overboard. The 7mm thick TV is something i definitely want… Very cool post! Thanks!

  15. It’s amazing how technology has advanced so tremendously. A 7mm thick 32-inch tv and weighted just 5kg is just brilliant. My personal favorite is the iPhone sun charger, it’ll let me enjoy technology and saving the environment at the same time. Nice post Atish.
    Peter@Computer How To Guide recently posted…Google AdSense Alternatives That WorkMy Profile

  16. The camera sunglasses is what I’m fascinated the most. Anyone who wants to become like their most idolized spy character can be achieved. This is a remarkable technology indeed.

  17. PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks says:

    Your posts are always awesome . BTW , Happy birthday Atish !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks recently posted…Download Thunderbird 8.0 For Windows , Mac OS X & LinuxMy Profile

  18. sandraw2580 says:

    Are these even available now? If so, can you tell me where we could find these stuffs? Really great stuffs you shared here today! Thank you for this!
    sandraw2580 recently posted…glovesMy Profile

  19. Thomas says:

    So cool. With those Camera Sunglasses I could be the next James Bond :-) I wonder how much the cost?
    I just love technology
    Thomas recently posted…Review of HTC Radar with Windows Phone 7.5 MangoMy Profile

  20. Dan @ programming says:

    I have to admit that there’s a gadget for almost everything, and although some don’t have a real purpose, they can be fun. So what about those camera sunglasses for Christmas?

  21. Nice List Bro.that are very innovative . i would like to buy some gadgets from the list

  22. Matt@web design Stoke-on-Trent says:

    Great post. I don’t think the iPhone sun charger would be much use to us here in the UK though 😉

  23. Just bought a Mi Suny Sun charger and it was awesome. However what I noticed is it might just might become a novelty since you need much time to charge my Iphone. Unless of course you have much sun in your area. Nice list though.

  24. Out of all those gadgets, the sunglasses and the watch are the best. I am a guy so without a phone in my pocket for me to take out and put back in would be lest of a hassle. How cool it would be if the sunglasses can also record. I wouldn’t mind buying one.

    PS Happy late Birthday Atish!

  25. PC Tricks says:

    Its really a very nice list of gadgets. I love to buy one of them. You are doing a grate job dear. I bookmark your page from last month and get the latest reviews from the tech world. Thanks buddy.
    PC Tricks recently posted…How To Earn Money From FacebookMy Profile

  26. Jake Weise says:

    Technology sure is moving fast it make you wonder what they will come up with next. BTW they need to make those sun chargers for android phones battery life is ridiculous on some.
    Jake Weise recently posted…Hemorrhoids treatments and recommendationsMy Profile

  27. Mark@Kids Shoes | NOUF NOUF says:

    Nice article Atish, thanks for posting.

  28. Zac says:

    i like the camera sunglasses! I will bring this when i am going for my bali holidays while i am on the beach. hahaha

  29. Great, I like camera sunglasses because there is no need of taking camera with you if you have camera sunglasses. We can use it for style as well as for taking photos. I would like to share one more thing is that, the LG-GD900 transparent mobile. It is a very stylish phone by LG.
    web design la recently posted…iPhone Applications Development Becomes AmusingMy Profile

  30. Luma Stylus says:

    Maybe not even a month would pass and another gadget would be introduced in the market. Just make sure that what you have is just what we need. Good post.

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