Intimacy 2.0 – The Dress Which Turns Transparent When Wearer Gets Aroused

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After this news, I am stunned that a dress has been designed which gets transparent when the wearer is sexually aroused. It’s amazing that how the technology is developing so fast. Superb!! few days ago we have heard the news of Google Project Glass, Which is said to be the most innovative technology of this generation.

Now, the news about this dress has amazed me, think how amazing is this, men can now easily find out if a woman fancies them as if a woman, wearing this intimacy dress gets aroused then the dress becomes transparent.

This innovative technology dress is designed by Studio Roosegaarde and Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde. This project is called as Intimacy and after the initial version of this dress they came up with the next version – intimacy 2.0. This innovative dress project explores the relation between technology and intimacy.

This dress is made up of opaque smart e-foils, LEDs, copper and other media; this also uses the wireless technology. the Opaque e-foils become transparent based on the personal feeling of the people.

According Rosemarie, 

His fashion style is Techno-Poetry. Intimacy 2.0 is fashions project that explores the relation between the intimacy and technology. he also said that technology is used here not only in functional way but also as a tool to create intimacy with pricvacy on a direct personal level which is going to be very important in our present tech society.

This dress was exhibited at the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert museum, it also exhibited on at so many international galleries.

So guys, what would you like to say about this innovation. I am speechless! I want to hear from you what technology has for us in future?

Please share your thoughts with us about this innovative technology dress and other innovative technologies which are going to rock this whole world in the future.

News Source: IBNLIVE

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  1. says

    Wow, what a concept ! This is just awesome, after seeing it, I’m now thinking that what is not possible in the world of technology ? Well, I would also like to suggest all of its customers not to wear it outside their homes, as per Atish mentioned, if there will be any such condition, you may get into trouble 😛 !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money On The Internet recently posted…How To Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly ?My Profile

      • Puneet@Online Advertising Companies says

        Correct Sabrina, That would be the most embarrassing day of the girl or lady who wear this dress at the first date, and why first date it can embarrass whenever a girl wear it. I think its only for research purpose. Lets see how it goes.

  2. says

    Its only work at home when a great romantic day is going to be. Actually its of no use. But the idea is awesome. I think if this idea is use for something else then it might be more good, such as a dress for catching the liar, when someone lie ask the truth by making him dress the cloth and the dress get transparent 🙂

  3. says

    Sometimes when a Girl says No to a guy, it is construed as a Maybe, Try Harder. In such a case, the girl would do well to wear the dress to make it more clear!

    Do you suppose the boys are ready to accept a No? They’re probably going to find something wrong with the
    Adeline recently posted…3 Must Have Business Productivity AppsMy Profile

  4. Rashmi Sinha @ TechInitio says

    What the..! Wow i am speechless.. Very interesting dress! I guess they can do this in underwear as well 😛
    One sparkling example of how can technology help in sections of our life we have never imagined!
    Thanks for sharing it
    Rashmi Sinha @ TechInitio recently posted…Google DriveMy Profile

  5. says

    Technology… I couldn’t have imagined like 10 years ago what science would come up with… It’s just incredible the pace of innovation… Nevertheless, I am old-fashioned therefore I don’t like these dresses…

  6. bombinho says

    Well, may be I am to old fashioned. But there is a number of points that may indicate this brilliant bit of technology is gonna remaining in the toy corner.
    First of all by looking at it I can not see sharp bends. That indicates the use of conventional display techniques.
    Second of all the usability in public is very restricted.
    And the third point may be that transparency does not leave space for (necessary) phantasy.
    All that narrows the market down very much.
    Possibly a gimmick for newly wed couples, there it could as well find place in the already not to small budget for the brides dress as an after party feature.
    And hopefully it does not ruin the moment when the dress is taken off as this can get celebrated as well.

  7. Chris @ Owner Financed Homes says

    I like it! Technology is getting crazy nowadays and this is definitely something very different from what we normally see. I’m anxious to see where different inventors will take this idea and what different crazy products they will come up with.
    Chris @ Owner Financed Homes recently posted…What To Look For In Austin Real EstateMy Profile

  8. junaid @ technoblasts says

    This is a great advancement in the field of technology.A dress with leds and smart e foils which turns transparent.But it is a dangerous fro girls at malls or any other such places, so they should be careful about it.
    junaid @ technoblasts recently posted…Nokia 103 Specifications and PriceMy Profile

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