CWA – Interview With S. Pradeep Kumar of HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

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Hello Friends! I am your host, Atish. this is time for the 6th interview of “Coffee With Atish”, This time I have interviewed Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar, a very talented blogger who Founded the Great blog HBB(HellBound Bloggers).

So Here Goes the Interview :-

1.Welcome to TechTricksWorld. I know many of guys know you very well but AS the part of formality tell a little about you?

Hi Atish, thanks for this opportunity to engage with your blog readers and to expose myself on a different scale. My name is S. Pradeep Kumar, I founded a little web community called “HellBound Bloggers (HBB)“. Now with the help of hundreds of guest authors and tens of thousands of readers, HBB is now a standard blog.

2.When and how you came to blogging ?

 At a very young age I started to experience the power of “Internet”, and came across this term ‘Blogging’ (thanks for the famous Blogspot platform). But before 2 years only I started to realize the importance of blogging, as people worshiped it and considered it as a media similar to TV and Newspaper.


3.You are very young, How are you managing your studies with blogging??

It was really difficult I should say, unfortunately am not able to do well in both of them simultaneously. Education is important, but the fact that I’m not going to implement any of these theories in future made me degrade my process of learning. But college life made me realize something which nothing can teach me.

4. Except Hellboundbloggers, How many blogs you are you handling?

 Only one, though I have many domains in my pocket. I thought of launching them after graduation. Nothing to lose right?

 5. In your opinion which is the best way for traffic generation?

The three “S” factors. Sensation, Search Engine and Social Media.

Sensation : Some people hate controversial articles, but still they read and spread without their desire. But at the end, you get hell lots of traffic.

Search Engine : You might have worked for one month and published a post, but trust me, that probably won’t drive you much traffic from search engines. If you are willing to trigger some traffic from them, note what makes search engines happy, like keywords, title, etc. The content can be small, but make sure it is giving something useful to the people who visit your blog.

 Social Media : Understand Social Media, and it will be a piece of cake for you.

6.What are your views about guest posting? excess of guest posting on a blog can hurt the blog?

 Excessive guest posts can turn a blog into either mere “Article Directory” or massive “Wikipedia”. But I believe giving useful content to readers will not hurt anything, whether it is a guest post or a normal one written by you.

7. Would you please share your successful blogging journey till now?

 It’s going great. I never thought it can turn out into something like this. I’m happy that I changed the meaning of “Successful” for blogging into something else, apart from income revenue, traffic, etc.

8. What are your future plans for your life and your blogs?

For my life, I have no specific plans right now. For my blog, I have great plans in mind, but cannot reveal it until I’m sure about the implementation. :)

9.The happiest moment of your blogging journey?

A visually impaired lady called me and thanked for my post “ 10+ Special Browsers For Visually Impaired Users, it was really touching..

10. Would You like to share your favorite quotation?

 I love these two quotes, they have lots of meaning.

“Happy The Man Who Knows To Discover The Bright Side Of All Things” – Faber

“Blessed Be He Who Expects Nothing For He Shall Never Be Disappointed” – Pope

11. You are making thousands of $ every month, can you please suggest how to get this achievement?

I never focused on making money aspect, that should not be a part of our blogging work. So give 90% of the contribution to your blogging works and the rest 10% for the by-product, $$$$.

12.Would you like to give any message or tips to new bloggers?

 If you don’t like something, then don’t jump into that because you can get some money. It depends on your intention as well, if you start blogging for passion, then you can turn your blog into brand. If you start blogging for money, you can reach success, but not the authority first one gives.

13. What do you think about TechTricksWorld?

Atish, you are going on the right track. Love the way things are going on your blog. All the best. :)

14. How can others contact you?

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/hellboundbloggers

Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/hellblog

Or you can use the contact form from my blog – http://hellboundbloggers.com/contact/ 


Thanks Pradeep For Giving your precious time for this interview. We at TechTricksWorld Wishes you all the success in life

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41 Responses to "CWA – Interview With S. Pradeep Kumar of HellBound Bloggers (HBB)"

  1. subhash Chandra says:

    I heard about you a lot , first time seeing you with Atish, Nice.

  2. Great!

    But I still can’t figure out how to relate Social Media with Search engine and my content..
    I would love to get some tips on that!
    Please do visit my profile and tell me how to enrich it!

    Thanks Atish for the piece!

  3. Robin says:

    I know pradeep for 3+ years and really learned some techniques about blogging from him. One fellow whom i really inspired with his consistency.


    Robin recently posted…AAKASH Worlds Cheapest Tablet Review, Price and Pre-Order NowMy Profile

  4. Thanks Atish for this awesome Interview. Like I said it’s really nice to engage with your blog readers. :)

  5. Hey Pradeep! Nice to read your interview! I liked your post about browsers for visually impaired and the incident is really touchy! Kudos! :)
    Saksham @ Make money blogging recently posted…Squeeze Theme Discount Coupon Code For October 2011My Profile

  6. The best thing I like about HBB is it keeps me attached towards it, every day I wake up I visit some 8 blogs which are in my list and HBB is one of them.
    Mahendra @Mobile Price recently posted…10 Android Phone Below Rs 8000, 10 Low cost Android PhonesMy Profile

  7. PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks says:

    Hey Pradeep , you have become an inspiration for us . I have learned a lot from your wonderful blog !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ Computer & Internet Tricks recently posted…Nokia X2-05 – Features , Specifications , Price In India & USAMy Profile

  8. what a great interview atish, nice to see pradeed being interviewed again
    fazal mayar recently posted…Choose Income Review?My Profile

  9. Nice interview, I have been reading HBB for quite a long time. I normally finds something interesting and amazing. HBB comes with great posts all the time and you never find such information on other blogs.

  10. Thanks atish for such a Wonderful interview. It is very helpful and providing us with wonderful insights!

  11. sim says:

    learned alot from this interview..
    sim recently posted…iPad 3 Release Date and Features [Rumors]My Profile

  12. Hell Bound Blogger , Full inspirational blog for me. I have learned so many blogging aspect from Pradeep.
    I have learned so many things that I was doing wrong. Thanks Atish for Such a great Interview .
    Tushar Khatri recently posted…Android App store completes 5,000,000 published appsMy Profile

  13. @Subhash Chandra : Thanks mate. Glad to get connected. :)

    @Saksham : Thanks mate. That moment encouraged me more than anything. :)

    @Mahendra : Happy to hear about that mate. :)

    @PrIyAnGsHu : Thanks mate. :)

    @Fazal Mayar : Glad to see you here bro. :)

    @Aaron : Thanks for your contribution Aaron, loved them. :)

    @Suraj : Glad it was useful bro. :)

    @Sim : Thank you. :)

    @Tushar Khatri : Thank you bro. :)

  14. Unit Conversion Calculator says:

    Nice and inspiring interview – thank you!

  15. I was seriously not are of your blog, Pradeep. After reading this interview, I looked at your blog and you are really doing a great job. Congratulation.
    Best part of this interview was sharing how a visually impaired lady called you and thanked for the article. Such incidents are the most valuable reward for writing a blog.

    And thanks to you Atish for this series of CWA. Such interviews give us an opportunity to know this community well.

    Ritesh @ Technology Blog recently posted…7 Reason – Why A Few Blogs Fall ShortMy Profile

  16. vishvast says:

    nice article quite intresting article gud one keep it it up

  17. It’s always great to see a sucessful blogger sharing his story. Great interview, congrats!
    Marty @ Techie Saves recently posted…How to Root your Android Smartphone with GingerBreakMy Profile

  18. Hi,
    I had not heard about hellbound bloggers before. Just checked the site and looks pretty cool. Added to every growing RSS.

    I’m just curious, where did the name “hellbound” bloggers come from ? :-)
    Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays recently posted…Commenting For Backlinks? 5 Things To Consider Before Wasting Your TimeMy Profile

    • Thanks Shamelle. :)

      There are many reasons to pick that particular term – “hellbound”. Earlier I used to chat with lots of people in IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and many people used the word “hellbound” for their nick names, I also picked a similar one for me. Again, I got encouraged by the popular “HellBound Hackers” site.

      Maybe, these things would have triggered me to pick such name. But when I was typing on the domain registration page, I was 100% satisfied, because I took the domain I loved, and will always love. :)
      S.Pradeep Kumar recently posted…5 Programs And Services For Not Forgetting Any TaskMy Profile

  19. Gaurav Garg says:

    Yes its really true … S Pradeep Kumar Is really awesome blogger….
    Gaurav Garg recently posted…Free Download Internet Download Manager With KeyMy Profile

  20. Baker@iPhone News says:

    I started up my blog some month ago and and here i find only the true for my basic questions … Thanks for this article, really nice.
    Baker@iPhone News recently posted…How To Jailbreak iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 With Ac1dsn0wMy Profile

  21. I like the three “s’s”. Nice way to sum it up.
    Great interview Atish.
    Danny@Electric pole saw recently posted…Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

  22. dev@blogging as a career says:

    blogging as really become an interesting career option and the best part is you can work from home no need to get in the hassle of going to the office daily.

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