How To Drag More Commenters To Your Blog Posts

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Blogs are meant for writing anything and everything. There are personal blogs and business blogs. Whatever may be the blog type and purpose, the one who promotes blog wants to be heard. In other words, if the author of the blog gets feedback or comments on what he is saying, the author will be encouraged to write more.

A blog which attracts comments from different segments of audience can be compared like a physical or virtual hangout which is so lively. We shall discover how readers will participate in your blog by giving useful feedback or comments. The tips I share here are the ones that helped us to get loads of comments in our discount coupon blog that features carbonite and sitterciy discount deals.

Let users revert back with comment

It is not only presentation of good content on your blog but also extending invitation to the reader to post a comment is very important. You can always prompt readers to ask for opinion or share their experience in the subject matter that was discussed. If someone goes thorough the intricacies of the topic that you have discussed, he will be more compelled to hit back with a comment.

Ask questions

As you present content to your audience, it should provoke new thoughts and fresh ideas in them. If you present everything, there will be nothing to be shared by your visitors. You can ask open ended questions, so that your visitors will come back to share their thoughts.

Approved comments

When visitors post comments on your blog, you should be readily available to approve them at the earliest. Visitors will be encouraged to find their comments on your blogs before their next visit to your site and you should not disappoint them. And you should also let the approved comments stay on your blog. If more comments are present on your blog, new visitors will be encouraged to read the content and they may be prompted to leave comments also.

Balanced stature all the time

Even if a visitor responds with negative comments, you should try to win them with positive expressions. You should be balanced in all kinds of circumstances. In extreme situations, where users cross the line of control by posting personal criticism or using uncivilized vocabulary, you should not hesitate to block the user or you can disapprove the comment.

Commenting on other blogs

You can participate in writing comments at other blogs and forums. When you post comments at other blog sites, they will be interested in visiting your own blog and most likely they will also write comment on your blog. It will also create a new stream of visitors from different forums and blogs that you participate in.

Huge Comments on Blog In a day

Freebies and contests

You can run various contests so that users will participate on large-scale and there will be room for discussion among the readers. Winners in the contests can be awarded some freebies so that your blogs gets more publicity and more and more visitors are prone to post comments on your blogs.

Posting killer article

You can impress your audience by writing killer posts which keeps lingering in their minds for a long period of time. Many-a-times your audience will refer your articles to their friends and members in social networking sites.

Usage of widgets

Your audience will be happy to see their names on top of other comments. You can reward the best commenter by pulling him on top of the comment list by displaying his or her name in the sidebar or footer. This measure will encourage users to post comments again and again. As You can see in the top commenter list at the bottom of this blog.

Avatar display

You can enable avatar functionality on your blog site, so that user’s photo or avatar will be displayed along-with their comment. Some users love to find their face on your comment space.

Offer back links

By using CommentLuv plug-in, back-links will be sent to them who comment on your blog. This will encourage your visitor to comment more.


Sometimes you may have to go through unexpected and unwanted comments where your language skills or expertise in subject matter may be exposed or criticized. You should have the broadminded approach in acknowledging your shortcomings rather than going in a defensive manner. This will not infuriate others and they may fall in love for your sheer humility in accepting your failures.

Enhance commenting arena

You can present best and easy way of submission of comment. Users should be able to post their comments in less time by going through minimum possible steps. User friendly interface should be implemented.

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32 Responses to "How To Drag More Commenters To Your Blog Posts"

  1. It’s really important to encourage readers to comment on your blog by specifically asking for it. If readers like or dislike anything in your post then he/she certainly leave a comment.
    Aaron @ Goa Carnival recently posted…Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  2. thanks Jane for such a wonderful article. I recently offered 468×68 px advertisement space on my blog header for top commentator of the month. The idea works well.
    Ritesh @ Technology Blog recently posted…The Million Dollar Homepage – What an idea!My Profile

  3. Great tips to encourage readers to comment ….. Thanks for the share Jane !!
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…Now Control your House Lights with AndroidMy Profile

  4. Hi Jane,
    Thank you for the post. I would agree having a killer article with images draws attention in the form of questions improves engagement with the bloggers. Infographics is the cool thing

  5. Great tips for attracting more comments on blog posts!

    I noticed that you mention “posting killer article,” but do you have any examples of which kinds? Is it articles tailored specifically to your nice audience? Are they ones that have to do with pop culture? Or is a controversial post? I’ve written all kinds of different posts and there doesn’t seem to be any specific rhyme or reason to the amount of comments I receive.
    Mandy Kilinskis recently posted…Top 10 iPhone Apps for Creating Content on the GoMy Profile

    • Hey Mandy, “killer content” usually is the one which is a post which makes people say “WOW”. It should be written with much details either in a comprehensive manner or short and sweet. The length doesnt matter, but it should be highly useful to the readers in solving a problem or giving a super insight.

      The amount of comments or reactions from people also depend on your level of interaction at Twitter!

      Thanks for your comment.
      Jane@content marketing recently posted…Alexa Links: How To Get More Of ThemMy Profile

  6. PrIyAnGsHu @ Technology Updates says:

    Nice post Jane ! Rewarding to the commentators can let your blog get massive number of comments !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ Technology Updates recently posted…5 Funny Ways to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Gonna plan sooon for this ! Specially something like Ritesh man i am planning to follow him SAME ;))
    shashank chinchli recently posted…Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot (First) Beta Released ! Download Now!My Profile

  8. Holding a contest for Top commentators can also help. Anyways, thanks for the tips Jane. :)
    Naser @ Tech Blog recently posted…Nokia X3-02: Price In India, Touch and Type, 5MP Camera, HSDPAMy Profile

  9. very much agree on user friendly interface for leaving comments..would not believe how some sites make it complicated…

  10. Sudarshan@TechKnowGuide says:

    Thanks for sharing Jane!…..Comment Luv surely plays an important role to attract more readers to your blog…
    Sudarshan@TechKnowGuide recently posted…Vlingo :Siri like App on AndroidMy Profile

  11. alltech designs says:

    Very nice and useful post, to make more comments for our blog. Thank you!!!
    alltech designs recently posted…Premium wordpress theme for building video sharing websiteMy Profile

  12. Jane,
    Well consolidated points. One of the key element I consider, effective commenting on other post. Identify your domain expert blogs and place your niche comments at postings which should sound your domain expertise related to the topic. Most visitors love to read your valuable comments, and will surely build the trust and positively will haul traffic and commentators to your site. Thanks
    MANICKAM VIJAYABANU recently posted…Khan Academy- A Radical NextGen Educational SystemMy Profile

  13. anukant@mlm software india says:


    really a good blog i will remind all these step …. although i know a few of them . you did not mentioned two point on ur post i.e

    keyword luv plugin
    comment luv plugin

    hmm i know that u have mentioned about this plugin in ur other post .. but anyway.. thanks for the great tips..

  14. junaid @ Technology Blog says:

    you are right Atish, comment encourage a lot for writing or we will be bored with out comment.keep giving these tips.they are really useful.
    junaid @ Technology Blog recently posted…Blackberry, RIM MD Fenny Bawa resigned.My Profile

  15. Just look at this post. It’s proof that you guys know how to get comments :)
    Using Commentluv definitely helps.
    And I love how interactive this blog is. Not just some people writing posts and then never returning to it. You guys are always reacting to the comments. Really great.
    Danny@Electric pole saw recently posted…Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

  16. I am agree with all the points you mentioned here.Specially with offering backlinks and more comments we can get if they are dofollow.Just like your blog have,more and more visitors will drop their genuine comments on dofollow comments blogs.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Bhavesh Sondagar @ Ehow recently posted…Get iphone4s at just $9 USDMy Profile

  17. can someone confirm whether or not i should be building links with dofollow or does it matter if they are nofollow. i keep hearing contradicting stories saying it doesn’t matter?

  18. If we have written a quality content then we can easily get more comments to the blog. Blog Commenting is also the best way to get more comments on your blog.
    Chintan Jain recently posted…Fast and Secure Dedicated Servers with ServerClubMy Profile

  19. Alan Smith says:

    These are the excellent tips to encourage your visitors to comment on your blog. I think asking question and writing killer posting are very good ways to attract visitors to leave a comment on your blog.

  20. Rudee says:

    Thanks for the tips. I really like this comment can ask open ended questions. Thank you for suggesting to use CommentLuv plug-in. I have seen this on many sites so I plan to use it. I think getting people to comment on your site is key.

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