Few Blogging Mistakes You Should Not Do

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Nowadays blogging is becoming the trend. Thousands of guys are starting to blog on daily basis but very few of them get success. The reason of the failure in blogging is not having proper knowledge about blogging and not being serious towards blogging. I suggest if you are willing to blogging then you have to give time for it because successful blogging is not so easy as it seems. Today I want to tell you about some blogging mistakes which you should not do. There are thousands of articles about this topic but still bloggers are doing same mistakes repeatedly so I thought to let my readers and all novice bloggers about the blunder mistakes of blogging which lead them to failure. Here I am describing few of them:-

1. Lack Of Consistency
I have already talked about the consistency in my previous post. Consistency is the thing that brand your blogging and get a cool reputation for your blog in the eyes of your reader. If you fail to keep the consistency then gradually you will lose the reputation and your readers will not be taking interest in your blog any more.
Now days many New bloggers start their blog with full potential but after few days or months they start losing their potential and don’t update their blog on regular basis. This is the thing I want you to avoid if you really want a successful blog. Also there are guys who start so many blogs and can’t concentrate on any one so I suggest after getting a cool reputation for your main blog in blogosphere and search engine, go for another blog.
So please I urge not to do this mistake and be consistent to get huge success.

2. Copy and Pasting
This is very common mistakes in new or novice bloggers, actually I cannot address them as “bloggers” who just do copy and pasting. If you are one of them who just copy contents other’s content then stop this because this will give nothing, infact there are chance that Google put your blog in spam. Once your blog will be in the Google’s spam list, It vanished from the Google’s search pages. If again you want to remove your blog from the spam list you will need to delete all the copied contents. So what you got? “Nothing”. That is why I suggest you not to copy any one’s content however you can take help from their ideas and posts.

3. Not Doing SEO
Only consistency and posting Quality content is not enough. Its truly said by someone that “if content is the king then SEO is the Queen”. I totally agree with this line because you need marketing to give exposure to your quality contents. Marketing attracts a lot of organic traffic to your site and the quality content make them stay there. It means along with the posting quality contents, SEO is really needed. Proper SEO strategy can boost your blogging and attract huge organic traffic. So I suggest Don’t do this mistake ever and do proper SEO for you blog.

4. Doing Excess SEO
As I said in previous point that SEO is very important for getting the huge organic traffic to your blog But Doing excess SEO can put a bad effect on your site’s reputation in sear engines.
I personally noticed that there are so many guys who put 50-60 keywords in their post which is not good. I suggest put only those keywords in the post which are really relevant and needed.
Also Don’t create 100’s of link in the single day I mean do not do the excess bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting in a single day. Do all this in the proper quantity, Don’t think to do everything in a single day.

5. Lack Of Research
This is the thing which is important in every business. Doing research for you blog is the best way to know how to make your blog better and better.
This type of problem mainly found in novice bloggers. Lots of time they fail to do proper research or don’t want to do it. I think they need to do research for keywords, other blogs in the same niche etc. Also research what kind of contents are in the trend, which type of content gets lot of visitors to the blog. They need to know the mind of their readers such as what they want to read?, whats their expectations etc. These all thing you can know only from research so do proper research for your blog and stand your blog in the competition.

There are thousands of mistakes which bloggers should not do. You guys are welcome to tell them via comments.

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37 Responses to "Few Blogging Mistakes You Should Not Do"

  1. Yep …. these mistakes will surely dump the blog !! The #5 one is often ignored by many bloggers
    Salman @ Tech Blog recently posted…Learning more about Viruses, Worms and TrojansMy Profile

  2. Ikenna Odinaka says:

    These are nice tips pointing out mistakes, the fifth point being the most important.
    I think another mistake bloggers (new and old) make is not focusing their blog to a niche. A general topic blog will require several times more work to succeed than a niche focused blog.
    Ikenna Odinaka recently posted…Page Rank 1 for 45days old Blog without much bloggingMy Profile

  3. Agree with all the points above. You explained every point in a lucid way Atish.
    Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging recently posted…Blog Engage Affiliate Lights August 2011 Bonus – Unique Hits.My Profile

  4. I like the topic Copy and Pasting it is very common mistake we do. Thanks.
    Avi Chhetri recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Xcover Review And Full Phone SpecificationsMy Profile

  5. subhash @ tip to improve alexa rank says:

    Don’t thing to do everything in a single day., y
    subhash @ tip to improve alexa rank recently posted…WinTechGeek : My first Post – Hello World by SubhashChyMy Profile

    • Atish says:

      Because If you keep making thousands of links then it will be a kind of spamming. also if you keep posting 4-5 posts in one day then later you cannot keep this pace so why to do so? follow a flexible time table.

  6. subhash @ tip to improve alexa rank says:

    Don’t thing to do everything in a single day., i think you got a typo here. It should be Think

    I like the points you mentioned. Research and SEO are key .
    subhash @ tip to improve alexa rank recently posted…WinTechGeek : My first Post – Hello World by SubhashChyMy Profile

  7. Atish says:

    Yes the #5th point is always missed by new or old bloggers. thanks Iyke for sharing your thoughts here.

    @ avi
    thanks dude. yes we should avoid copy and pasting if want a cool reputation.

  8. Raj @ Social Media Guide says:

    excessive bookmarking will not only earn good results but also throws into troubles as search engines like Google, BIng will penalize the blogs/websites which do keyword spamming.. so one needs to play safe in this area…
    Raj @ Social Media Guide recently posted…Top 5 Best Related Posts With Thumbnails PluginMy Profile

  9. sibin says:

    Thanks for useful information’s.
    sibin recently posted…Games on Google plus:Google plus games are Now availableMy Profile

  10. Eric Murphy says:

    Agree with Raj. Too much doing SEO is bad.
    Eric Murphy recently posted…Samsung Ch@t 527 unlocked Reviews and Full specificationMy Profile

  11. Priyangshu@Make Money Online says:

    Awesome post dude , keep up the good work !

  12. Imran Soudagar says:

    Nice article Atish, will keep these points in mind when I start blogging. Thanks for the awesome post.
    Imran Soudagar recently posted…5 Tips to write better blog postsMy Profile

  13. Atish,
    Nice article and thanks for sharing. The points you have mentioned make sense and I like the 4th one- Excess SEO. Good one. Most start up bloggers thrust down more comments and posts at initial stage and may end up over there. Thanks – Manickam

    • Atish Ranjan says:

      thanks Manickam, you are most welcome to TechTricksWorld. yes too much SEO is always put a bad impact. even “excessof everything is bad”.

  14. How the excess use of keyword can have adverse effect on the Seo of the blog ?
    Jasmeet Singh recently posted…A Complete Guide to Facebook SecurityMy Profile

    • If you put excess keywords in your post then the post is known as “SEO Optimised content” which is hated by google. acccording to google panda algorithm:- Content should be written for readers not for the search engines. and putting too much keyword is called keword stuffing. If you do so then google might penalize you and your blogs ranking will be suffered in search pages.

  15. Michael@anunturi online says:

    In my opinion not only writing just for posts on blog, is important to write articles with some value for the community and unique not copy – paste like do you say on point 2 .

  16. Amrita@How to Get rid of blackheads says:

    i would agree with the firts point the most, lack of consistency, most bloggers todya are part time bloggerswho already have a job or in colleges, its tff to stay consistent and motivated all the time..
    PS – which plugin are u using for displaying like tweet and gooogle+1 side by side? i cant achieve that using manual code
    Amrita@How to Get rid of blackheads recently posted…Home Remedies for BlackheadsMy Profile

  17. Nice tips Atish. Every blogger should be aware of these to really become a successful blogger.

  18. We all know blogging is very important for online promotion,in now a days.Many blogger are doing good job but not all.Reason behind it all they have no proper knowledge about blogging and they are doing some basic mistakes as mentioned in this blog post.So if we want to do good job with our blog then we have to follow all these steps mentioned in this blog post.
    Many thanks for having a great discussion about blogging.

  19. ubru says:

    Thanks to this post, now i will be aware on my wrong habit when it’s come to blogging..I’ve a secret to tell when i’m posting my article to social sites i always do copy and paste (you know laziness)LOL

    • But buddy there is no benefit in copy and pasting because it cannot teach you anything also if you want to own a site then how will you post unique articles there. so Leave the laziness behind and start learning the art of writing. I am too learning.

  20. Alan Smith says:

    According to me lack of consistency and copy and pasting content are the big and silly mistakes that every bloggers have to avoid otherwise they will not get desired result. One more mistake that some bloggers do is never linking to old posts. According to my opinion, if you are linking to your old post, it can be helpful to prove your point. Those links drive traffic to those older posts and last these links are one of the best ways to direct Google spiders through your site.

  21. Thanks Atish Bro for These useful Tips and after reading this article i realize my mistake and i admit that i too had done mistakes as mentioned by you! Lack Of Consistency, Not Doing SEO ,Lack Of Research.! and i wanna add one more thing this happens because i have lost my confidence regarding my blog and don’t know what happens to me.. :'( suddenly. Whenever i’m trying to write on some topic m totally blank and my mind stops working and can’t write anything :'( :'(

  22. Yeah, right. Over SEO can be as bad as no SEO at all. Though I am told time ad again by senior bloggers that On-page seo is more important these days
    If you do the right on page and your content is good, yo will automatically get to the top!
    Is that right, Atish??

  23. Nirmala says:

    Well explained mistakes by you Atish!

    Yeah, post consistency is required for the bloggers to make their blogging to next level.

    I never copy n paste content in my posts and never hit publish button with proper research.

    Another great mistake which usually done by the bloggers is writing unknown things. This should not be done as it would decrease their reputation and result in loss of readers.

    Thanks for writing the mistakes Atish, hope it is very useful for the newbies :)

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