Facebook Timeline : Advantages and Disadvantages

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Facebook, in its bid to make it easier for its users to have faster and better experience of the service, has introduced timeline feature into its social site. The service which many see as nostalgic move by the Mark Zuckerberg team has become the most-talked about on online journals and blog sites. The move started five days ago when Facebook first started to test the service on user’s profile. And immediately people starts to see the changes in their use account interface, some of them started by voicing out there opinions about the move. Some group of facebook users complains that the service is not good for them because it will make their account to become vulnerable to social engineering stuffs and others like that (insecurity –ability for hackers to steal information from your social media site).

According to the stats, majority of those that are not happy about the new facebook timeline are more than those ones that think the update is natural.
What are the benefits of this move, what are you going to get in return for this update and what are you likely to lose by using the service? Most of these things are what I will be talking about below in this article.

The new facebook timeline is a tool that facebook recently launched in order to make it easy for people to have all their information on the same spot without the stress of going from one place to another in order to get the best of the site. The timeline feature serves just like a normal stream of news on the go! People get latest information about what their friends are sharing on the site (videos, images, and others without the need of going to the person’s profile page to view them).
Another thing that makes the facebook timeline supreme is, it makes the user’s profile page look more professional than before and allow people to view latest hot news feed better than the formal facebook interface.


Number one most dangerous effect the facebook timeline can have on user’s life is mismanagement of personal information. If you do not know how to protect your information online, facebook timeline will be the best place for hackers to steal your information from, so protect it. You need to be wary of this thing because if you do not, something bad may happen and it might hurt you.
According to what EricLeist, a facebook user, he said, The facebook timeline will allow users to put their entire information (lives) on the site. Mark Zuckerberg says in his speech that you can “tell the whole story of your life on a single facebook page.”

With timeline, you will be able to see your pictures, events, status updates, and much more from your birth up to present moment.
It is true that facebook will allow you to enjoy many cool features but the major thing there is the issue of security and some others. You need to protect yourself on the site by making your account private.

Olawale Daniel writes for Techatlast, a technology blog that focuses on latest SEO Tips and Tricks, Computer tips and Tricks, and some other tips. You can read the technology blog to get latest help for yourself.

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38 Responses to "Facebook Timeline : Advantages and Disadvantages"

  1. azhar@hubhit says:

    there are no advantages facebook new version is not good

  2. subhash chandra @ Google Search Redirecting says:

    That’s indeed a great post Daniel. I enabled Timeline but was not sure how to use it. still confused a bit.

    Thanks for the nice info.

  3. Privacy was always been big concern for the users on Facebook. I mean timeline feature is really cool no doubt about it but you must have the power to decide who can view your information…. I’m not sure whether such privacy features are available with Timeline or not, So let’s wait and watch.
    Aaron @ Goa Carnival recently posted…Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  4. Actually, since I’ve notice that timeline in my account, it never fails to annoy me! Even if I hate it, there is nothing I can do about it. You’re right, the main issue in social media accounts are the security and privacy of personal information. I think, FB would definitely continue the “add/delete” features on what they think is helpful among users without prior notice. Let’s see that.

  5. Jitendra says:

    Yes, but there are more advantages than disadvantages, lets see how Facebook gets feedback about these things!!
    Jitendra recently posted…Top 10 Facebook Tips You Must KnowMy Profile

  6. Great share Daniel. The timeline has its own pros and cons.
    Naser @ Tech Blog recently posted…How to Use the Internet to Replace Your Mobile Phone?My Profile

  7. good post Olawale! Every now and then, we see an issue of privacy with facebook. in the event of increasing competition from other social networking website, we can hope that FB will honor privacy of users.
    Ritesh @ Technology Blog recently posted…How to Enable Facebook TimelineMy Profile

  8. Jamie says:

    Facebook privacy is always an issue but settings can always be selected and played with. In my opinion Google plus is much more invasive.

  9. Bhavna says:

    I think many of the privacy features have become more confusing with this update but in Facebook this is necessary.

  10. Richard says:

    Yes, it seems like many of the privacy features have become more confusing with this update. It’s actually somewhat google+ like in that you have to select who your updates go out to.

    Actually, I think the big disadvantage for facebook is that they are making such drastic changes to their site when they are doing so well. They risk turning off their customer base and losing momentum.
    Richard recently posted…Where You Can Find Royalty Free Images for Your BlogMy Profile

  11. Ralph says:

    I am really growing weary of all of the facebook changes and feel like I can’t keep up with the new vulnerabilities to my personal security. I’m strongly considering discontinuing the use of facebook.

    Thanks for this information.

  12. Using facebook is a waste of time! everybody knows it and use it! amazing

  13. Joseph says:

    Don’t you think Facebook is the smart one out of all this, since they will be able to collect more information about us and then make it available to internet marketers for targeting with facebook advertising?

  14. aretin a @ wrinkles says:

    I always take time line as advantage. Bcz time lines make to a man regular to his work.

  15. Facebook is becoming too powerful for its own good, they are digging too much into privacy

  16. Ana @ Mortgagee Auctions says:

    The downside – I simply don’t like it. I feel spammed by all that info that I didn’t ask for. My privacy is also in question and my inability to manage what will appear there bothers me.

    The other side – I really shouldn’t be complaining about something that I get for free and that nobody is forcing me to use anyway. Not to mention all the business opportunities and promotion it provides.

    • I too think it as I spammed.

    • lizzie says:

      It is free but it is also the most cluttered, distracting, illogical mess I have ever seen. They removed all my photos, which from a privacy standpoint is good but why do that? Of the many fb friends I have spoken to the only ones who like it are young girls. So guess its showing zucks feminine side coming out. Oh well, was fun while it lasted. I don’t think people will delete accts but I do believe they will spend much less time there….what a colossal mistake by fb.

      And its a disaster on my iphone. Geez

  17. Nice Post Olawale. Though Timeline kind of features makes impressive effect, Industry critics and community still point about privacy and couldn’t see much response from FB side. G+ pouring enough business pressure and may acquire positive result soon. Thanks for the post.
    MANICKAM VIJAYABANU recently posted…HootSuite- An Impressive Social Network SchedulerMy Profile

  18. Osho @ Latest Tips And Tricks says:

    According To Me Older Facebook Is More Interesting And Useful :)
    Osho @ Latest Tips And Tricks recently posted…Monthly Top Commentators Award From This Month.My Profile

  19. Tips & Tricks Blog says:

    Nice post bro !! I like it , it is really awesomd !
    Tips & Tricks Blog recently posted…BitDefender Internet Security 2012 With 1 Year License – Free DownloadMy Profile

  20. I think they need to stop re-inventing the wheel. They have a good site that makes tons of money. Just know when enough is enough.

  21. Hi Olawale,
    Although I’m curious and excited to try the new Timeline feature, I’m waiting for more feedback from early users. It looks interesting though from what I’ve seen so far. I like the idea that we can now just click on a year if we want to see older posts and events instead of repeatedly clicking on older posts. And I like the large cover image.
    My only concern as with many others is the security and privacy issues. I hope FB will address this once and for all. Other than that, I think the new features are cool.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what these changes will mean for us and how they will affect us.
    Theresa Torres@Credit Donkey recently posted…Columbus Day: Celebration of American Discovery, Risk and LuckMy Profile

  22. i totally agree with the benefits which u are talking about but about the privacy thing i wont agree.
    its been cleared long ago that even with the privacy setting at max your information is not secure. The computer freak guys know how to take out the info from the website even from the top secured websites. As u listen evry day army top secret website got hacked and wikileaks is the most recent example.
    So wake up from sweet dream of Fakebook!!!
    Zumara Chohan recently posted…World’s Cheapest tablet in India Price 35$My Profile

  23. I think every one should aware of this timeline, Privacy is most important one….
    Rebi@ElectronicsNewsLine recently posted…Electronic ‘Tattoo’ May Offer New Flexible Way to Monitor Brain, HeartMy Profile

  24. Since sometimes I forget things that I wrote and when I wrote those things, timeline really is my best friend. I have not recognized any harm because of this feature. Yet, if it has that potential to be the gateway of personal information hacking, there should be improvement in the feature then.

  25. Ioana Moise says:

    i don’t like this Facebook timeline its make wall very complex
    Ioana Moise recently posted…Windows 7 Product KeyMy Profile

  26. guest says:

    privacy isnt a great issue as far as facebook is concerned.
    1: you should not have personal and sensitive information on facebook in the first place.
    2: if you are that concerned about privacy dont use facebook.

  27. RaviSingh says:

    Hello Guest blogger,
    I still don’t like Facebook timelines because I don’t love the flow of information going through the timeline. Facebook timeline has no more landing pages! All users see your wall, both fans and non-fans.
    Thanks for sharing the proc & cons of Facebook Timeline. I appreciate this post.

  28. Facebook its social media i like to surf time there but now when i read your dis advantages then i am aware about this bad and good things I appreciate this Articles and i agree with the benefits and looses which u are talking…
    salman asad recently posted…Shami kabab recipes preparation in RamadanMy Profile

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