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No More Click Baiting! Facebook to Promote Native Link Format

Tired with all the Facebook links which redirects you to the stories which you don’t want to see or does not live up to the expectations. Well not more. Facebook has announced it will work on to remove ...

Skills you need to work in IT

The IT industry is huge and also very competitive. Companies only want the best and since more and more people are looking to enter the market, you need every important skill you can harness. The more ...

What You Need to Know About DDR4 SDRAM Right Now?

Hi, folks! Today, we are going to learn (rather talk) about something that is fresh and quite interesting. Nope, not about your new girlfriends guys and neither about your dudes gals For this post, ...

Microsoft Announced Real-Time Skype Translator

Microsoft had acquired Skype, internet Phone Company for $8.5 billion in the year 2011 and now has unveiled a real-time speech translation tool for it. Let’s discuss about this tech news in detail through ...

EBay accounts hacked! Users must reset their password!

Advancements in technology now allow the cyber criminals to carry out the hacking process in a routine manner. Yes, a recent cyber-attack was made on the global auctioning site, eBay and lets discus this ...

Hulu Plus introduced a remote control app for game consoles

Remember back in the old ages! People had to go out of their homes to rent a movie, isn’t it? But now, the technology has progressed a lot and definitely in the entertainment field. Yes, there are reliable ...

Protect your identity from the Heartbleed bug

Let’s discuss the key details of Heartbleed, internet security error which was detected last week through this post. What isHeartbleed bug? Heartbleed, an internet security flaw has been featured in ...

Commenting Platform Disqus Introduces Sponsored comments

Most of the bloggers and website owners have started to use the community focused commenting system, Disqus. It is a good alternative to WordPress commenting system and it also has social media integration ...
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