VidOn Cloud Beta Testers Wanted [Announcement]

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VidOn is looking for some Beta Testers for its all new Server and Cloud. VidOn has come up with a complete media management device and is currently looking for few Beta Testers who can use the service and can point out all the changes/tweaks they feel should be done in the device. To offer a complete and unique … [Read more...]

The Best TV Deserves the Best TV


We are experiencing a golden age of entertainment. And it’s not from music, even though great albums are made every year. It’s not in the movie business, even as box office records are set by superhero flicks and big budget sequels month after month. Nope, the creative renaissance is happening on your television screen … [Read more...]

Free & Legal way to Watch Movies Online:


When it comes to watching movies, people prefer going to theater and enjoy the movie with their friends. However, the case is not same with bloggers and geeks. A tech loving guy would never leave his laptop so he would prefer watching it on his laptop. So he would either download the movie by using torrent or would try … [Read more...]

Sony Pictures threatened with the big Christmas gift from hackers

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OMG! Sony Pictures threatened with the big Christmas gift from hackers. Read the complete story here! What’s the actual threat? Have you heard? The Sony hackers have apparently threatened a massive attack quite similar to the devastating 9/11 attack on movie theaters that are going to screen James Franco and Seth … [Read more...]

Technology Gifts for Holiday Season

Jensen JENJDJ500 DJ Scratch Mixer

All right guys, so we all know that the holiday season is on and we have some great occasions coming up like Christmas which is also known as a festival of gifts. The New Year follows right after Christmas and these are the best days to gift something to your loved ones to show your gratitude towards them. In this … [Read more...]

Understanding The Ruby on Rails Developer


ROR or the Ruby on Rails Developer is a form of open-source language for programming that is written in Ruby. The primary purpose of this application framework is to meet the needs of advanced programmers in the quickest, most effective and most efficient way possible. In simple terms, Ruby on Rails development can be … [Read more...]

Now pay extra Amount For using ATM


ATMs have become an important part of our lives. It is the best solution when we need money in cash. It is available 24 hours and 365 days. We love using ATMs but may be not more. According to various media reports now you can use your ATM only for 5 times in a month and you will have to pay if you uses it for the … [Read more...]

National Train Enquiry System App


Seems like Indian Railways are trying hard to be a part of the smartphone world. After launching an app for booking tickets, another app is here. Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has released a new app called as National Train Enquiry System (NTES).  The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is a … [Read more...]

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite Released

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite

Finally the much awaited update of the year is here. Yes, we are talking about Mac OS X Yosemite which is now available for the public. In this post you will get to know everything about Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. There is also a how to upgrade section where you can learn how to download OS X Yosemite. Features of … [Read more...]