How To Choose The Right Domain Name?

Choose Right Domain Name

Address is crucial to find someone’s home and to get your home found by others. Similarly, in the world of Internet, websites do have addresses that are generally built of: http:// or https://=> Short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. www => Short for World Wide Web. It is optional as you can have a website … [Read more...]

15 Tips To Write Catchy Headlines For Your Content

catchy headlines

One of the most important parts of the content is its Headline. The headline can make or break the success of your content because it is what always comes to the notice at the very first glance. Whether in SERP or on Social Media, everywhere the title of the content displays prominently. Thus, people make the decision … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Blogging Mistakes!


Blogging has become a business model that every online user wants to do because of the immense benefits it offers. I have started blogging in the year 2010 when I was having a day job. I have managed to do part time blogging along with my day job until March 2015. Finally, I decided to plunge into full-time blogging, … [Read more...]

The Power of B-List Blogging Connections

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You can fail alone, but to become successful you will require a team. There is hardly any need to go into the details of why blogging connections are important. You need traffic, social shares, mentions, links, comments and much more to become a successful blogger, and all of it requires strong online connections. … [Read more...]

10 Things to Remember While Blog Commenting


Blog commenting is one of the prime jobs of a blogger because it helps you build healthy relationships, generate blog traffic, and sometimes get dofollow links as well. When I say, blog commenting that doesn’t mean to post anything it means to read a blog post, and then share your honest opinion in the form of a … [Read more...]

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners


Blogging is the buzzword in the world of Internet. You can get most out of blogging by using it for various purposes. In the early days, blogging was a way to share thoughts and views with people online, but with the time it has become a tool to make money online, promote businesses, products, and services. It even … [Read more...]

Tips to Generate Huge traffic to your Latest Posts

get huge visits_1

Getting a lot of visitors to every blog post is the prime goal of all bloggers. Traffic is one of the first and the most important measures that are taken into consideration while evaluating the success of a blog. Moreover, it is kind of motivation for budding bloggers as when they see the stats are rising, they feel … [Read more...]

Step-by-Step Technical Guide to Set up a WordPress Blog


I am noticing that many bloggers are writing blog posts entitled how to start a blog and make money. I always thought to write something of this sort, but I wasn't comfortable writing 2000-3000 words long guide so never dared to think of it. However, I have shared a small guide on my personal blog about starting out a … [Read more...]

How to Balance Blogging Along With A Day Job & Family?

Balance Blogging Along With A Day Job and Family

Do you struggle to do blogging along with your day job and family? If you nod your head for my above question, then this beneficial post is for you. It’s never easy being a blogger trying to juggle a full-time job with a family! Getting time to carry out the blogging tasks can be a challenge for the one with a day … [Read more...]

Video Delivers Your Brand


Video delivers your brand in a way that nothing else can. Your entire blog could be about the best way to organize html coding in a text editor.  Now, this is not a very "personality-oriented" topic, for sure.  So you might think that video is insignificant for that kind of blog. In fact, that's the very kind of … [Read more...]