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Video Delivers Your Brand

Video delivers your brand in a way that nothing else can. Your entire blog could be about the best way to organize html coding in a text editor.  Now, this is not a very “personality-oriented” topic, for sure.  So you might think that video is insignificant ... Read More »
We are already into the brand new year 2015 and I have published a blog post couple of days ago about quitting the bad blogging habits in the New Year. Hope you all have enjoyed reading that and I am sure you will take the post seriously and think about quitting those habits listed there. Today on the occasion of New Year, I would like to wish a Very Happy New Year 2015 to all Techtricksworld’s readers and everyone out there online. I am here to share some highlights of Techtricksworld for the year 2014 as I did last year too click here to check out. There are many things which we wished for this blog, was fulfilled this year and many didn’t but that’s how blogging goes on. We just need to learn from our mistakes and do better blogging by correcting them in future. !Learn from your Mistakes! Here are TTW’s highlights of 2014. I hope you will enjoy! 5 posts which got most of the traffic throughout the year 2014: 1. Anna Chapman – The sexiest hacker of the world -25,109 Hits 2. Learn How to Speed up Your PC With These 5 Blog Posts – 10,520 Hits 3. Jade Raymond – Beauty with Brain – 10,125 4. Top Sexiest Hackers of the World – 9,968 5. How to Make Money with Online Proofreading Jobs – 9,514 These are the posts which got most of the hits. Moreover many other posts got good number of hits throughout the year and As usual, the maximum hits were on Home page of the blog. We are happy with the hits of these posts but we would be happier if we would have got more hits on these and other posts. But it’s good for now! Need to work even harder to increase the Traffic of the blog! Top 5 posts with maximum Comments 1. Full Time Blogging Vs Part Time Blogging – 71 Comments 2. Email Marketing: 10 Basic Rules + Tips for a Perfect Email – 69 Comments 3. List Of 25 Free Backlink Checker Tools – 61 Comments 4. 7 Kids Bloggers of the World – 60 Comments 5. Ultimate List of Must Have Pinterest Tools – 60 Comments As you can see we are completely failed in this area. We are failed to attract more comments. We need to improve it by being active more in blogosphere participating in conversations, building more blogging relationships and all. We are all set to do better in New Year. Top 5 posts with maximum Social Shares 1. 5 SEO Myths you should avoid in 2015 – 1028 Shares 2. Bad Blogging Habits You Should Quit in 2015 – 582 Shares 3. How to build a Private Blog Network? – 431 Shares 4. #IceBucketChallenge Starts at Blogoshpere #AmitShaw #PeterLee #RaviVerma – 247 Shares 5. A Mini-Guide To Use Google Plus For Business/Blog- 235 Shares This is quite satisfactory for us but we need to improve even more and we will do it for sure this year. Okay I am done with the lists! Earlier this year, we had some big changes in, the first is we have changed the permalink(Click the link to read how to change permalink without losing traffic and link juice) because earlier was not SEO friendly but due to this we have lost internal page’s PR and social shares. Still we are happy that we did this for something good for future. Second change we had was the TTW’s theme customization which I have done myself. We at TTW, use Daily theme from Theme-junkie which was less in width and not responsive basically. I have worked hard for 1 week and finally customized the theme and gave wider space to it which makes the blog look neater. I also tried my best to make the theme responsive and hopefully I am almost succeeded to do so. However, if you see anything wrong in the theme, please let me know so that I can correct the issue. So what next? As you noticed that we are failed to engage more users and got less comments on our blog posts, we will be working over this to improve the performance and try to regain everything we lost. It’s time to work even harder as the competition is rising day by day with the launch of tons of blogs on every day basis. Your Turn Now, I would like you guys to give suggestions to improve this blog and make it even better. Let us know in comments that what kind of blog posts you would like to read on TTW, what kind of changes you think we should do. We will surely consider the feedback and suggestions if they will be worth. That’s all from my Side for today! Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2015.

TechTricksworld’s Highlights of 2014

We are already into the brand new year 2015 and I have published a blog post couple of days ago about quitting the bad blogging habits in the New Year. Hope you all have enjoyed reading that and I am sure you will take the post seriously and think about quitting those habits ... Read More »
Quit bad habits

Bad Blogging Habits You Should Quit in 2015

2014 is about to end in couple of days and as bloggers, we all are set to start new ventures and implement new ideas based on our learning throughout the year. Like any other human being, Bloggers do mistakes too and have many bad habits within them. But the thing is, ... Read More »
content marketing tools

Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools

Got a product to sell? Want to beat off your competitor? If your answer is YES, my next question is, does your product tell a story? If the answer is NO, well you are at the back foot. Every business has a story of its own, a set of principles it believes in. And you should ... Read More »

10 Cs to Write an Unforgettable Blog Post

Do you know, why no one is noticing your each blog post? Is it not an awesome post? Is it inferior to the posts of other bloggers that are being liked, +1 and re-shared? Or is it because no one knows you or because your post has some weaknesses? Or it may have a mistake ... Read More »
web 2.0 sites

16 Best Web 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Link Building

Backlinks are still the most important factors to make a website rank better in search. SEOs have been trying multiple ways to optimize websites by doing on page and off page techniques. On page SEO is what done on the website such as Meta tags, content optimization, URL optimization, ... Read More »
blog post promotion

5 Blog Posts that Teach You How to Promote Your Blog Posts

I have hardly shared any roundup post on but today I am here to share one of the most required links round up for every blogger. Blog post promotion is the most important task for every blogger in order to attain good chunk of traffic but promotion doesn’t ... Read More »

Full Time Blogging Vs Part Time Blogging

There are 2 ways people do blogging namely Full time and part time blogging.  Full time blogging means that you are giving full day to it and this is the only earning source of yours. On the other hand part time blogging is something in which you basically do it when you ... Read More »

Why Do Newbie Bloggers Give up Blogging Soon?

Now days, Blogging is ubiquitous across the web. Yes, If you search a particular stuff on the search engines, it returns around 75% of results from blogs only. The reason behind this is the benefits people get from blogging. Blogging is no longer a hobby only but it turns ... Read More »

Top 8 questions that will make your every blog post popular

I am familiar with a truth that the bloggers wish to make their every blog post popular. Isn’t it?  Yes, a dynamic blog can be a huge asset for a blogger and thus bloggers are trying to make their every blog post that go viral. Even though there are tons of suggestions ... Read More »
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