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blog post promotion

5 Blog Posts that Teach You How to Promote Your Blog Posts

I have hardly shared any roundup post on but today I am here to share one of the most required links round up for every blogger. Blog post promotion is the most important task for ...

Full Time Blogging Vs Part Time Blogging

There are 2 ways people do blogging namely Full time and part time blogging.  Full time blogging means that you are giving full day to it and this is the only earning source of yours. On the other hand ...

Why Do Newbie Bloggers Give up Blogging Soon?

Now days, Blogging is ubiquitous across the web. Yes, If you search a particular stuff on the search engines, it returns around 75% of results from blogs only. The reason behind this is the benefits people ...

Top 8 questions that will make your every blog post popular

I am familiar with a truth that the bloggers wish to make their every blog post popular. Isn’t it?  Yes, a dynamic blog can be a huge asset for a blogger and thus bloggers are trying to make their every ...

Things to do Before Writing a Post

A Long time ago I have written a post “Things to do after writing your post” which has gotten good response from readers. Today while going through my old posts on TTW I found this one and that made ...

7 Kids Bloggers of the World

We believe that kids are priceless treasures from God. They are the hope of the future so it is our conviction to provide them psychological, physical and emotional needs. Kids are primary responsibility ...

Getty to Provide Free Images for Bloggers

One of the main challenges for a blogger is to find the most appropriate as well as legal images for their posts. Image theft is very common these days and hence it is nothing but a struggle for bloggers ...
Community for blog

How to Build an Active Community for Your Blog

“Community” This word is getting popular in blogosphere now days as it has some remarkable blogging benefits. Even, the question “How do I create a community for my blog?” comes up through my email ...
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