Box For Android Now Offers 50GB Free Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage service Box is making itself a very strong contender to become the most popular cloud storage service available. They now offer 50gb free storage space to anyone who installs box on his/her phone before March 23rd. This offer was already available for a while for Sony Ericson Xperia phone owners but is now available for anyone with an android phone.

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Box for android

With box for android you are able to reach/get any files stored on’s servers. It’s also possible to upload files from your android device yourself.
Just like dropbox it’s possible to install a desktop application on your computer with which you can automatically synchronize your box folder with the cloud-storage. Sadly this is only available for paying members (now), unlike dropbox which has this function available for free users as well.
If you upgrade your free account to a business account, which enables you to synchronize automatically, you will have to pay $15 a month (or €15) but they will give you 1000gb storage capacity for a business account, with many more great features.

Even if you are not planning on upgrading to the business account, the free account still has plenty of ways to be useful. You might not be able to synchronize automatically, but you still get 50gb of free storage that you can use to make a back up of your important files, videos or pictures.


Box is available for free with a 50gb storage limit until Friday the 23rd of March. To take advantage of this special offer you can either click on the qr-code below or scan it.

Box says the free upgrade to 50gb is for a lifetime, so you don’t have to be afraid they will suddenly start to charge money.


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Source: Android Community

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    • says

      The desktop client shouldn’t be a huge problem as you can just open your browser and go to the site. It’s not that much more work 😛 .
      The missing auto-sync is something many people will miss, but I would be surprised if they wouldn’t introduce that to free members soon, especially if dropbox increases it’s storage space for free members as well.

      I personally don’t miss auto synchronization as I have a limited data plan for my phone and getting it to automatically synch op with my pc will consume data. Auto-synch with the option of only synching when connected to wifi would be perfect though.
      (I usually don’t write guestposts but if I have something to share I will let you know Peter 🙂 )
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    • says

      There are ways to expand the storage limit on dropbox. But it doesn’t come anywhere close to 50gb.
      Dropbox is going to introduce a new feature that automatically uploads the full size version of your pictures.

      But there’s still google docs, which is basically the same and Google will come with Gdrive very soon.
      Also Windows is going to expand on cloud storage with the coming of windows 8.
      And Apple of course will further integrate their icloud with coming firmware and os.
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  1. christa joe@cloud computing companies says

    These finest offerings by cloud computing companies are getting them a huge customer demands for the phones and even this offer, in business context as well, gives a considerably high amount of data storage. Cloud is actually the future of data storage at the individual level as well, like people store data onto their hard disks these days, they’re definitely going to switch to cloud storage, being easy to use and anytime accessibility, the key features of these platforms.

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