1st Antivirus for Windows 8 – BitDefender Windows 8 Security

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Microsoft has recently designed a new OS, Windows 8, which is completely different from its previous OS, Windows 7! The new OS – Windows 8 has very well captured the market. Till date, Microsoft has sold over 60 million copies on Windows 8! 8-0 Windows is one of the super secure OS in the world but the World WILD Web and the third party software’s scratches it completely! ;-) :-D Thus to keep it safe, here comes the 1st antivirus, which is specially designed for the latest OS of Microsoft – BitDefender Windows 8 Security! :-) :-) Few weeks back, BitDefender Free Antivirus was released and now an antivirus for Windows 8 has been developed! :-)

BitDefender Windows 8 Security is the latest release from BitDefender. Before this, they had released BitDefender Total Security 2013. Last month i.e. in January 2013, BitDefender Total Security 2013 Giveaway was launched at TTW and 5 lucky winners had won the license key of BitDefender Total Security 2013 for Free! :-) :-) :-)

Keeping in mind the working of Windows 8, the security giant BitDefender Antivirus has released the new security pack by adding the following 4 features:

  • Early Start – up Scanner
  • Scan Boost Technology
  • Proactive App Scanner
  • Security Info

Early Start – up Scanner :- The 1st antivirus for Windows 8 – BitDefender Windows 8 Security, is integrated with Windows Security Center. With this integration, the user will be getting real time notifications about their systems security status! 8-)

Scan Boost Technology :- The speed and quality are redefined! :-) Windows 8 Security pack has brought in a super fast scanning speed with top class protection against the threats. This feature is really very effective and was necessary too.

Proactive App Scanner :- Windows 8 is going to be house of apps. Recognizing the safe apps would be indeed a tuff job. Thus the 1st antivirus for Windows 8, will automatically detect all those apps, which have been violating your security policy, and then you will be notified with the details of those apps! :-)

Security Info :- The Pandora box opens from the moment the PC is turned on! :-P There are such viruses that, they start infecting the system from the time the system starts booting! 8-0 But now no need to worry about the malicious codes; with the ELAM technology of BitDefender Windows 8 Security, your PC gets protect from the startup itself! :-) :-) :-)

Apart from these special features which have been added in the 1st ever tailor made antivirus for Windows 8, the other features which already exist in the other antivirus software’s from BitDefender like, BitDefender Total Security 2013, do exist in BitDefender Windows 8 Security!

Features Of BitDefender Antivirus


[ Windows 8 + BitDefender Windows 8 Security ] is truly a perfect combo which can be ever experienced! :-) The tailor made pack by BitDefender is one of the best and the 1st Antivirus software for Window 8 OS! :-) :-) What more do you need when you can save your Windows 8 with just $59.59 per year! 8-)

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15 Responses to "1st Antivirus for Windows 8 – BitDefender Windows 8 Security"

  1. Nirmala says:

    Great to read the details of Bitdefender to protect Windows 8. Nice n clear information by you Zainil! thanks for sharing it.
    Nirmala recently posted…Writing tips for the bloggers to write the blog postsMy Profile

  2. sunil says:

    Wow nice to hear about Windows 8 antivirus.Yet i’m not using Windows 8 but will migrate my Windows 7 to 8.Anyway great article Atish Bro.Keep it up

  3. Good to know when it’s time to upgrade to Windows 8. A good antivirus program is extremely important and thanks for a detailed Bitdefender review.
    Ludwig Ericsson recently posted…Why Is My Computer Running Very Slow?My Profile

  4. soniya sharma says:

    Hi Zainil,

    Again i am your Post. Great Review Antivirus for Windows 8 – BitDefender Windows 8 Security. actually i have not used yet Window 8. but now I am Going to use of window 8 and i must use also antivirus. As u told me about the antivirus for window 8. and i hope . It will be helpful and Secure for window 8. thanks For great review.

  5. Great info about window 8 i know window 8 it is the latest update with nice and useful features and i felt good when i reed it your post because again gave me powerful antivirus for window 8 now i can use window 8 with antivirus.and I hope will be get +ve results.


  6. Evan says:

    I haven’t run any third party AV software beyond Defender and the built-in Windows firewall for years. I have Windows Vista Home Premium and have Windows Update enabled.

    The only way to infect a Windows Vista/7/8 PC is to either let it get WAY out of date, deliberately hack it, or disable the built-in Defender and firewall.
    Evan recently posted…Top 40 Great Blog themes for WordPress 2013My Profile

  7. Hi Zainil! Thanks for sharing it! I will try it on my home PC

  8. that great post about launch the windows8 .that contains the extra feature compare to the windows 7.that great opportunity to provide the anti -virus .so thank for Bitdefender share the post.

  9. mohd akbar says:

    Really it is a great news. I have Windows 8 so i definitely want to buy this antivirus, Thanks for providing info of this antivirus.
    mohd akbar recently posted…iPhone 5: The Latest Smart Phone In The MarketMy Profile

  10. I don’t know about this Win8 Zainil,

    Seems like a good time to look into Linux.

    I’m not a big fan of them forcing me to buy subscription software when my office 2010 license does the job just fine.

    These guys it’s always the same, more more more.

  11. Ansh says:

    Good to hear that finally we have an genuine anti-virus for windows 8 from a good company

  12. Great review Zainil! Right now, I think of replacing my OS in Windows 7 to 8 because it is more secured. This is very informative; I would like to try this one and have a bit defender securing my OS. Thanks a lot!
    Ronaldo Ferrer recently posted…Sony Unveils Xperia Tablet Z – the Worlds Thinnest 10.1-inch TabletMy Profile

  13. Excellent review about antivirus for Windows 8 – Bit Defender Windows 8 Security.i’m not using Windows 8 but will migrate my Windows 7 to 8

    Thanks for sharing

  14. Priya Sharma says:

    very nice and great information about windows 8 and antivirus. I would like to try this one and have a bit defender securing my OS

    Thanks for sharing

  15. Jordan says:

    Great Article Zainil! , very in informative. I’m definitely going to try Bit defender Antivirus out. Ive been using Avast for as long as i can remember
    Jordan recently posted…Linux Vs. Windows – A Comparative Analysis Based on OS and Web HostingMy Profile

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