Best Six Tips To Become Problogger

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The blogging is one of the most on growing habit among the youth of world. Whenever someone starts the blogging, then he/she has some role model i.e. Pro blogger. Every blogger wants to become pro blogger as there is not any good work if your hobby becomes profession for you. You might be one of such bloggers. Here I am going to post some tips which will be like few steps towards your target.

1. You Love Blogging?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is that whether you love blogging or are doing it for money purpose only. Blogging should not be treated as the way to earn. Yes, it pays, but only to those who do blogging to provide something useful to others and not for money greed.

2. Time Maintenance

This is something very important to turn into a pro blogger. Nowadays most of the bloggers sell their websites just for the time related problems.  Blogging demands time. No one is free for it during his/her study period, but there are some bloggers who still make the time for the blogging and now they are known as Pro Bloggers.

3. Laziness

Just forget the blogging, if you also have this bad bad habit. Nowadays most of the bloggers want to earn money without any input to be done. They just use the false kind of strategies and this result in their failure in the blogging field.

4. Hard Work is The Key

Becoming a Pro Blogger is not as easy as one may think. Lots of efforts need to be put to get success in this field and the Pro bloggers, which we see in present have done a lots of hard work times and now they are enjoying their life. Their high life style may create wrong assumption that Blogging is the easy way to earn. But the real thing is somewhat we can’t determine at all.

5. Discipline

This is the most required in the pro bloggers and if you wish to be pro blogger, then you also need to have this quality. Discipline is the characteristic of Pro blogger and only person with this quality can think of becoming a Pro blogger, otherwise he must look for some other way you make money.

6. Attitude Matters

Yes Attitude matters. In fact not for the pro bloggers, but for newbies as well. Blogging is like a big sea. You can’t have the full knowledge of it even in your full lifetime. So “I know everything” type attitude is not going to work here. You may know more than then other but other blogger even a newbie can have the knowledge that you don’t know. So if you are also self claimed blogging masters, then SORRY blogging is not for you and stop thinking about becoming a pro blogger.
So it was the list of some tips to become the pro blogger. Just remember one thing that Pro Blogger is the word, Easy To Hear, Difficult To Achieve. So better start thinking about with full ready state. Don’t start thinking about in the early period of your blogging career. The Target is beyond your reality but the way is not too tough as it seems. Only for those who “Work Lazy and Think Crazy”. Hope you also come in those people. Do You???

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21 Responses to "Best Six Tips To Become Problogger"

  1. Aasma says:

    Laziness is the biggest hurdle for all online work, you’ve to be more focused towards your blog. And time management is the key for success, avoid distraction so that you can increase your output.
    Aasma recently posted…MLM Software in Mumbai, Matrix MLM Software India, Network Marketing Software | Rancor InfotechMy Profile

    • Hey Aasma, totally agree with you. If someone has lazy nature then i personally recommend him/her not to enter in Blogging Arena. Although everybody knows HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

      However, Facebook distracts me from my work but now i controlled myself and use it separately for my personal work and blog promotion. 😉

  2. Puneet says:

    There is no space for laziness in blogging. if you want to be a pro blogger then you must be very very active. Thanks For the nice pointers.
    Puneet recently posted…Grade 10 – Science and Math ComboMy Profile

    • Yeah Puneet surely there is no such use of laziness but everybody has different nature. If i personally say then me too sometimes face the boredom but a blogger must have to schedule the proper time.

      He/she would have to give proper scheduled time to blog, friends, family etc. Then, i would surely guarantee no blogger face any kind of laziness or boredom.

      Ashwani Ahlawat
      Ashwani Ahlawat recently posted…Guide to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts in Same BrowserMy Profile

  3. Naser says:

    Nice tips Raj. Time is what many bloggers lack of. Because of my weird college timings (from morning 7 to evening 7), it is tough for me to alot time for my blog. Guest posters are life savers.
    Naser recently posted…HTC Titan 2 vs. Nokia Lumia 900: Battle of Windows PhonesMy Profile

  4. Halo RP says:

    One thing that I have noticed is that blogs that allow do follow links in comments usually have more people visiting the site.

    Some ads work based on hits to your site. Even people who come around to skim articles are making you money.

    This may not be a tip for how to be a good blogger, but it is a tip to attract people and make money off of your blogging. I guess you could say it plays a role in success.

  5. There is a saying that ”No pain no gain”. These methods can be very suitable for my bloggers but also can be challenging for bloggers like me. Well I am working on the fields that I lack. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  6. I totally agree – These are some of the trades of someone than can potentially make a success of any blog – In my personal opinion ; There is absolutely no room for laziness when blogging for Business purposes – Laziness is one of the biggest enemies to the success of any Business – Online and Offline.
    Anton Koekemoer recently posted…10 tips on starting with social media marketingMy Profile

  7. Well thank you for these tips. But becoming a successful pro blogger is not at all an easy task. You may follow all the steps that have been mentioned here but above all you need patience. As mentioned by Rajkumar, you can only become a successful blogger only if you have passion to do. And Raj has mentioned some great points. Thank you for this. If one can follow this tips, he can surely become successful.
    Sanjib Saha recently posted…Top 20 Tablets in the World- ContinuationMy Profile

  8. madhu says:

    I too agree with Sanjib that to become a succesful blogger you need to have a zeal to write…and patience is required the most. The tips mentioned in this article are very good specially for the starters. Thank you for the share…

  9. sajan kota says:

    If you want to be a pro blogger then you must be very active. There is no space for laziness in blogging time management is the key for success.Thanks for sharing.

  10. I find that striking up relationships with good guest post writers is the key to maximising time. It leaves me free to concentrate on SEO optimisation and customer care.
    At the end of the day, if you spend all day blogging you are only going to get 5 real quality blogs done. You need to reach out there and combine efforts. Guest post writers get a good back link and in return you get fresh content.
    You get a lot of rubbish sent though when you open up your website to guest posts, so you have to take the rough with the smooth, but it’s worth it I think.
    Kevin Baker recently posted…Is Your Online Income Idea Perfect or Poison?My Profile

  11. Praveen says:

    The Six factors are perfect.If we have healthy relations with other bloggers in blogosphere there would be no chance of laziness because learning few things from fellow bloggers in the network or even from newbies too 😉 , Of course good network comes with good attitude. Worth sharing!!
    Praveen recently posted…AP Eamcet 2013 Online Application in apeamcet.orgMy Profile

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