Android vs iPhone: What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to smartphone operating systems there are just two names worth knowing: Android and iPhone. A Comscore’s MobiLens study released in April 2013 shows 52.3 percent of Americans with smartphones use Android compared to 37.8 percent with iPhones. Both dominate the market, so which should you choose? Read on to discover the key differences between these smartphone system giants.

Variations in Interfaces

iphone vs android

Image via Flickr by Marvin Kuo

The iPhone’s intuitive multi-touch interface has won over many technophobes. This system allows users to control their browsing experience by swiping, pinching and stretching the display. Stock Androids devices do not offer this feature, although users can download apps to replicate this navigating experience. 

Easier Apps on Android

When it comes to content, all smartphone users are spoiled for choice. In early January there were around 800,000 apps in the Google Play store, the leading store for Android apps and 775,000 apps in the Apple iOS App Store. With the average smartphone user owning an average of just 41 apps, both stores give tech-heads plenty of options! 

Android users have the advantage at the checkout though, as they can download an app with the touch of a button.  The process is more labor-intensive for iPhone owners, who must sign in to their iTunes account every time they want an app.

Differences with Auto-Correction Tools

The auto-correction tools which aim to fix the spelling errors of smartphone users everywhere differ on Android and iPhone platforms. The iPhone interface shows just one alternative for questionably spelled words. In many cases, the change is also made before the user even realizes! The Android system is more helpful, presenting the user with several suggestions.

Jillian Madison of Damn You Auto Correct, a blog dedicated to auto-correct blunders, says around 90 percent of site submissions come from iPhone users. She admits this may be because it’s easier to take a screen capture of your conversation with an iPhone, not because the smartphone’s auto-correct function is more sensitive. However, many Android lovers insist their emails and text message conversations have far fewer errors than their iPhone-loving counterparts. Either way, with the release of BlackBerry BBM for Android, real-time messaging will help to further eliminate auto-correct misunderstandings and awkward situations. 

Android’s Hardware Gives User Power

Apple’s loyal customers must accept the storage limitations of their iPhones, as they do not support the addition of micro SD cards. Most Android-powered phones do, so customers with these smartphones can add extra storage as their libraries of apps and images grows. 

Android customers are typically drawn to the choice their favoured operating system provides. These phones are made by a range of leading tech firms, so consumers can always choose from a selection of new release phones with a variety of features. In contrast, Apple takes a one-size-fits-all approach, releasing a single new iPhone periodically which aims to supersede the last.  

This choice extends to the batteries that power the smartphones. The iPhone batteries are trapped inside the phones, so users must send their failed device back to the manufacturer. Users with Android-powered phones can simply remove a dead battery and replace it with one from the manufacturer or a compatible third-party provider.

On the surface, iPhone and Android-driven smartphones can seem similar, but when you look closer it’s easy to see important differences that set the world’s leading devices apart. 

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20 Responses to "Android vs iPhone: What’s the Difference?"

  1. Leora says:

    I turned off autocorrect on my iPad. Gosh, it was awful!

    I didn’t even realize that the system on my Android phone (Samsung G4) was an autocorrect system – it’s fine. I choose if I want to use one of the words it suggests.

    I didn’t realize you can remove a battery in an iPhone. Simple on my android phone.
    Leora recently posted…Build a Blog with WordPressMy Profile

  2. Nirmala says:

    Nice post carrying the details of Iphone and Android smartphones.

    Hope everyone desires to use the smartphone now days, as it has some exceptional features which would save the time and make the life easier.

    I feel Android smartphones are good and feasible to use and am using it.

    No idea about the Iphone, I guess, will get in the future.

    Thanks for sharing this post Atish :)
    Nirmala recently posted…Job opportunities for students to earn money onlineMy Profile

  3. Apurv says:

    I read only one para in which you said that American are using Anroid rather than Apple.
    Just to make you correct that in Americans are using Iphones as compared to Anroid

  4. Farhan Memon says:

    Well.. Its truly a nice post that carries a information about Android and iPhone.. Thanks for sharing man! :)
    Farhan Memon recently posted…iOS 7 Beta 4 Features Fingerprint Sensor SupportMy Profile

  5. Yogita says:

    I have been experience smoothness of android and it is wonderful. Just because i damn comfortable on my android smartphone i don’t want to go iPhone whether it is better than android phone. :)
    Yogita recently posted…Most Trending iPhone Apps of TodayMy Profile

  6. Martin says:

    I deal with Android phones a lot. . as I’m an app devloper for Android. I do think that Android has Apple out paced in just about everything. what doesn’t come as part of the os there are plenty off apps out there to plug the holes. espicaly in the Siri lookalike department I’ve found a bunch of free apps that will do all the same things I’ve seen Apple says Siri does.
    Martin recently posted…Top WordPress Plugins 2013 reviewMy Profile

  7. Pramod says:

    Nice comparison mate ! One reason why Android has an upper hand over IOS is that android apps are cheaper and free and there are more free apps to download for Android .

    Pramod recently posted…Huawei Ascend P6 :Android Smartphone with a Quad Core Processor and 2GB RAMMy Profile

  8. Amit kumar says:

    Hiiii Atish,
    Android vs iPhone is really a very difficult task to decide for the people. but this type of Article provides them a smooth solution. In this article a nice difference has shared between Android and iPhone. i love to use Android. thanks again @Atish…….!!
    Amit kumar recently posted…Google Adsense App for Android phonesMy Profile

  9. I will prefer Android,
    open source system
    free apps
    app flexibility
    there are a lots of reason why we should choose android over iOS.
    Mostly apps on iOS are paid.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Android 4.3-Top 10 new features of Android jelly beanMy Profile

  10. Ibra Bui says:

    This phone in the picture is BB phone. LOL. I think Android or iOS is acceptable if they have cool applications in their market

  11. Swapnil says:

    Well written…thanks for this comparison
    pepole always in doubt which one is better between Android and iPhone but your article surely helpful for all those pepole.

  12. Jack says:

    I still love Android cause of it’s app markets which has lot of free apps, not like Appstore!
    Jack recently posted…[Giveaway] Get FREE F-Secure Anti-Virus for 1 yearMy Profile

  13. Kate says:

    Nice Information Atish. I want to buy a smart phone. By reading your reviews about iphone and android. I think I should go with Android.

  14. Prajwal says:

    Though android seems to booming the smartphone market these days, we cannot over look the fact that iphones have bettery build quality, high class material and classy finish that always wows the smartphone geeks. But its totally upto the user to choose between an android or an iPhone.
    Prajwal recently posted…Top 5 Best Facebook Games Of All TimeMy Profile

  15. Hi there. Really a great post. But I always prefer to use Android Smartphones because it is very easy to access and handy also. Anyway very nicely you have compared. Keep sharing like this.
    Martin@Android Application Developer recently posted…Google+ App is Overhauled for Android UsersMy Profile

  16. Kevin says:

    People say that iPhone’s UI is quite simple but i find the case completely opposite. To me Android is quite user friendly and provides you with lot of control over your phone.
    Anyways, thanks for pointing out the differences. This will be helpful for someone going for a smartphone for the first time.
    Kevin recently posted…Download Whatsapp for PCMy Profile

  17. Hariot says:

    You have described beautifully difference between android & iPhone. Precious shared. I will be sharing it with my all friends.

  18. Its a nice read. Both products have some unique features. Customers are free to choose anyone. But i have an Android phone. I didn’t choose iPhone due to some awesome features of Android such as OpenSource, free apps, inter-application integration, flexibilities, and lots of options for customizations. Thank you to choose this topic. Keep sharing.

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