How To Aim For Targeted Traffic

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Imagine you open up a shop in a decently busy area and sell one of the most attractive products. You are so excited about your new business and wait for the customers to come in and the sales to role.

But for your pathetic surprise no one visits your shop. The place is busy and the product you sell is also an attractive one. So you expected that people will rush in to your shop. But that doesn’t happen.

Why? Because, may be you’ve setup the shop in the wrong place or where there are people who are not interested in your product.

This is the concept of targeted traffic.

While the blogosphere is all crowded and the niche you’ve chosen is also very busy, this is why you might not be getting traffic and conversions.

Oh wait, there’s one more thing. You could even get a big group of people to visit your shop. But no one will buy from you if the people who visit your shop are not actually looking for the product you are selling. They might just casually visit your shop (blog) to pass their time, but will not take any action.

So why should you worry about targeted traffic?

Coz all the other traffic will be useless and may be it will add to the numbers. You will not get clients, conversions or any other use out of that traffic!

Let’s see how we can aim at targeted traffic:-

Do keyword research

When I say this, most of you might put on your SEO cap. Don’t. Keywords are not only for SEO. They help you to find out what your target prospects/readers/audience are actually looking for.

Doing keyword research tells you exactly what your audience need; their problems, their issues and the stuff they struggle with.

Make it a habit to do keyword research quite regularly and especially, go for the long tail keywords. By doing keyword research you can by pass all the guess work and deliver what your audience want.

If you give them what they want, they’ll surely seek you – this is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic.

Market your blog to the right people

Blog marketing is one of the crucial elements with blogging success. After all, creating blog content will only have its value if it reaches the right person.

Marketing does just that. It spreads the word about your blog. It tells people that your blog exists. Bloggers adopt various ways to spread the word about their blogs –
(i) social media, (ii) guest blogging, (iii) blog commenting, (iv) paid advertising, what not! But what if the wrong person is hearing about your blog?


Also take note of the following questions:

(i) Is your list clean? Do you have only people who are interested in the topic you talk about and who are interested in taking action?

(ii) Similarly, is your twitter following / Facebook fans list targeted?

You should analyze your list, and social following once in a month and weed out those who are not targeted audience.

Guest blog on popular blogs in your niche

Guest blogging is an amazing way of gaining targeted blog readers, only if done right. Again, if your purpose is just to build links you can guest post on blogs at any niche.

But if you want to gain attention of targeted readers, you should then seek out blogs that share similar audience like you and talk about similar topics.

Make friends with your competitors

There are no competitors actually. Go make friends with your fellow bloggers. You should not think about beating them in the competition. Rather, think about helping each other and growing together.

Your fellow bloggers (in your niche) can help you with promoting your posts, offers, products, launches etc. and you can return the favor. This way both of you get double exposure and a nice chance to gain targeted visitors.

Do you aim merely on traffic or targeted traffic? What ways you adopt to gain targeted visitors to your blog?

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  1. says

    When you will make good relation with other blogger then you can see how result will come out in favor of you because now-a-days you should keep in contact with other bloggers to gain and share things about blogging.
    Sam recently posted…Goa Holiday PackagesMy Profile

  2. Priya says

    Nice post and i think Build brand awareness, inbound links and drive traffic to your site with Press Release & Article Marketing.


  3. says

    Yes i agree, never make your visitor hit the back button, once he gets into the blog. Can use Google Adwords to target for high keywords.

  4. says

    Marketing the blog to the right people is very much necessary. We first need to find out what kind of traffic will be interested in our niche project and then form a kind of marketing strategy to target only that particular people. This will help generate traffic for the blog without facing any disappointment.

  5. says

    We can use Google Analytics tool to analyze about the traffic pattern that are directed to our website and also we should do some sought of keyword research.keyword research will help us to know exactly about the problems that visitors face and in this way we can react to their problem with a good solution.This is a great way to direct traffic to our website by providing a solution.
    Bryon recently posted…Twitter: If you ask the right way, customers will tell you what they’re willing to pay. printToMy Profile

  6. Sam says

    There are many ways to get traffic directed to your website.Blog commenting and Guest Posting are some of the excellent ways to get back links directed to your website.Commenting on other blogs allows you to get a reciprocal link in return from them.This is a great way to get noticed and also the blogger will benefit from your commenting efforts.Also this will help to build relationship with other bloggers.

  7. says

    Very informational post.yeah this is true , sometimes people don’t take their targeted traffic seriously. Thanks for highlighting this important point. and really keyword concept is helpful for all of us.

  8. Yash says

    Guest posting is a very healthy way of building links, but are there any other better ways to build link, rather then commenting and guest posting. As they are not very reliable. Please also tell me are tech based blogs able to get targeted visitors.
    Yash recently posted…Manually Repair Windows Boot ProblemsMy Profile

  9. soniya sharma@Emotional Abuse says

    Hi Atish,

    Really This Post is so informative and useful also. Actually people don’t take their targeted traffic seriously. But in my Opinion Guest Posting is the healthy Point to get the more traffice on your website.

  10. says

    Hi Atish,

    Excellent point about getting targeted traffic!

    I am totally with you about making friends with our competitors. Actually, they are not ‘competitors’ but ‘collaboration buddies’. Our fellow bloggers (in our niche) can indeed help in a lot of areas as you mentioned. By visiting and commenting, we are actually grow together to new heights!

    I am so glad that I have come across your blog, Atish 🙂 I appreciate YOU.

    Viola The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted…MLM Enemy – Easy Way of LivingMy Profile


    I these days acutely advertisement is everything. without advertising any type of business dose not established.
    If do you want to want improve your seo for your website then you need to work on following tools.

    First thing is that on page seo of your website, in on page seo we chose the attentic key word those are best use for searching related to your website.
    Then we set the related title of your product, description is also the part of good.
    Meta keyword , title and description etc.
    IFTIKHAR AHMAD recently posted…7 ways to Improve SEO & Web Site TrafficMy Profile

  12. ABDUL GhaffAR says

    Very useful information about blogs & traffic
    Blog is best for advertisement for our wok. blog is very useful for Build brand awareness, inbound links and drive traffic to your site with Press Release & Article Marketing
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  13. says

    I am regular ready of Jane gust posting. This is not first time i am reading her post. I reached many time on different blogs

    I like your concept and teaching methodology how to caught the target traffic. Next point is really interesting and informative is keyword research.

    After keyword research, It is also good how to tell your friends on social Media.

    Thanks Jane for sharing useful tips

  14. says

    Thanks Atish i appriciate your thinking about blogger that we should grow up together, and you have explain this very wel. I want to ask you that where we can research keyword and is blog commenting helpful to our blog..Please give a reply..

    • Atish Ranjan says

      Try checking the sources of traffic and compare with the previous days and find out from where the traffic has been drop. You will get to know the reason by comparing. You can easily compare traffic stats in GA.

  15. says

    Informative post. Keyword research will helps many way to us like find the target visitors issues and find the proper keyword for your blog and more. I unable to understand how it is possible Make friends with your competitors?

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