Secure Your Online Privacy with Spotflux Free VPN

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Today internet users are becoming increasingly concerned about their online privacy. With sites like Facebook and Google who collect every bit of information they can about you, to malware and viruses that spread like wildfire, and even the government spying on us with PRISM, everyone is worried about their privacy online.


This is where Spotflux steps in. Spotflux is a free VPN service that protects your privacy information with a click-to-install application that encrypts all your internet traffic, anonymizes your IP and secures your privacy online. For anyone looking to beef up their online security and privacy, Spotflux offers a seamless and easy to use application that provides the protection you need without any technical knowledge required.

Unlike other complicated VPN services, Spotflux doesn’t require you to have any technical understanding of things like IP addresses, encrypted traffic or proxy servers. Simply download and install Spotflux onto your computer, mobile or tablet device and go about your day. Unlike many of it’s competitors, Spotflux is a very simple one-click install that even novice users should have no problem understanding. It’s fool proof.

Spotflux VPN

Once Spotflux is installed all of your internet traffic is sent encrypted through Spotflux servers, not just your internet browser, but any internet traffic. That means it encrypts your email, instant messaging, online gaming and any other application you use that connects to the internet.  Spotflux also scans your connection for malware, ads, tracking cookies and viruses and removes them from your traffic. You can also set up Spotflux to access a traditional proxy server for added safety, or for those who wish to browse through a specific location ie. a different country.

While it’s not advertised by Spotflux, you can also use the service to bypass a firewall or IP restriction set by your ISP. A handy tool for those looking to gain access to websites they otherwise wouldn’t be able to because of restrictions set on their internet usage.

Since your internet traffic is sent through the Spotflux servers twice, once on the request and once on the response, you may notice a slight hit to download speeds, but you are likely to notice a similar decrease while using any other more traditional VPN or proxy service. And for the vast majority of users who are simply browsing, the slight decrease in performance is negligible.

Spotflux stands out amongst competitors not only because of it’s simplicity and ease of use, but also because they offer versions for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. While there are many desktop VPN clients available on the market, very few offer versions for mobile devices.

The desktop versions of Spotflux are free to download and free to use with optional paid premium subscriptions available. Mobile versions of Spotflux offer a free trial with a required subscription once your trial expires. However, especially considering what is offered, we feel that the $5.99 per year for mobile or $29.95 per year for the premium subscription is well worth it. Spotflux offers the peace of mind that all your online activities are secure and private at a very affordable cost for any budget.

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6 Responses to "Secure Your Online Privacy with Spotflux Free VPN"

  1. Haroon Ansar says:

    Hi Zainil

    I personally like and often use it , actually YouTube is banned in our country . Well ,as per my experience . It has some drawbacks like it slows down PC performance . Since it is a free VPN software therefore its drawbacks should be neglected . And one of the best advantages of using it is that its ads do not irritate at all as like Hotspot Shield does .
    Haroon Ansar recently posted…YTD Video Downloader For MAC Free DownloadMy Profile

  2. Kingsley says:

    It’s a good thing to know one can actually secure online privacy. Whether this is 100% secure online privacy is another questions, but it does sound promising.

    Certainly worth investigating further and even trying out, to see how this bad boy really works, :)

    Thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on Kingged.com

  3. Sunday says:

    This should be a good one for many who are seeking for Internet security. However, just as Kingsley has noted, does this service offer 100% security? Only time will tell as we get to see more reviews and opinions from users.

    With all that have been described about this VPN, it becomes readily easy for every marketer to want to take advantage of it. I think its worth trying out!

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor

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